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Accessing Web Apps

Accessing Web Apps

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This article assumes that you have already created an App or someone has already created and assigned an app to you. If not, click on this ink and create an app first or contact your team member who might have created for you.

For Admins

You can access your web apps by simply visiting your workplace URL. This is the subdomain like <yourcompany> that you might have chosen during the first time signup.

For Non-admins

If someone in your organisation has created apps and you want to access them, you should check your email to get the Workplace URL. You need to visit the URL of your organisation Workplace to access all the apps. You should receive an email like this if your Admin has added you to the Workplace -

If you still can't find your apps, you should directly visit and login with your email id. You will be provided a list of all the Workplaces you might be a part of. Click on the right link and you should land on the dashboard where you will see all your apps.

You will see the following screen if the admin has not added you to the Workplace. In such a case, contact your org admin to add you to the Workplace by following the steps mentioned in this link. In case you can see some apps but can't see a particular App, you should contact the admin and suggest to assign the app to you. Steps are mentioned in the linked shared above.

Access Apps from anywhere else

You can access the Web Apps from anywhere by clicking the the Dashboard icon on the left navigation.

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