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Live Tracking

Live Tracking

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Live Tracking feature has been built meticulously and tested rigorously for less battery consumption and efficient functioning. Use the Live Tracking block to track and record the path of travel from the start point and the end point along with the distance.

NOTE: GPS Location permission should be allowed for the Clappia app in your smartphone settings and the location must be enabled for this feature to work.

Select Live Tracking from the Data Upload Blocks

Editing the block

Click on the Live Tracking block. A Right Panel for editing appears on the right side.

Start editing the fields from the Right Panel.


Label is positioned above the Input block and it is the Heading which conveys to the end user that this is a Live Tracking block.

According to the user requirements, the App Designer can rename the Label suitably pertaining to track the movements of field employees or goods.


Description is positioned below the Input block which further explains to the end user about the path of travel and the distance to be covered or any other parameter according to the use case.

Description is an optional field.


Enable this option to tell the end user that it is mandatory to use the Live Tracking block.

Show Advanced Options:

Display this field if

Enable this option to show/hide the Live Tracking block in relation with another block.

NOTE: Make sure the GPS Location permission is granted for the Clappia app in your smartphone settings and the location is enabled for the Live Tracking feature to work.

Guide to users on how to use the Live Tracking feature:

Step 1

Upon opening the Live Tracking app, click on the Start Tracking button and then click on Submit.

Step 2

Note your submission ID and click on View Submissions.

Step 3

Click on the submission ID and you can see a map preview showing the button for Stop Tracking which means the live tracking is in progress.

A notification will also be present throughout the tracking process, from the start till the end.

Step 4

Click on Stop Tracking to finish the tracking and submit. Data sync takes place within a few seconds.

Step 5

Go to submissions and click on the submission ID. You can now see the map preview of the tracked path along with the distance covered in km.

Live Tracking also works in Offline mode

Turn on location in your device and do not connect to the internet.

Click on Start tracking when you begin to travel and submit the data. At the end of travel, click on Stop tracking and submit the data.

Now, data automatically syncs once it is connected to the internet.

Open Live Tracking from the Clappia Dashboard

Step 1:

Go to your dashboard and click on the three dots on the bottom right side of the app.

Step 2:

Click on the Live Tracking option from the menu.

Step 3:

Here you will have the list of all the live tracking sessions running in the app. Select the session.

Step 4:

You will be redirected to the main screen of the live tracking.

Submission View for App Admin:

This is how submissions look.

The path of movement is tracked and is displayed on the map with Green coloured location icon representing start position and Red coloured location icon representing end position.

Distanced traveled is also tracked and is displayed at the bottom left of the map

Important points to note:

1.    Location Access: Allow all the time

For Android versions 10 & above, users have to set 'Allow all the time' permission for location in Clappia app for the Live Tracking feature to work.

2.    Live Tracking feature will currently run on Android devices only.

3.    In case the user forgets to stop, Live Tracking will automatically stop after 8 hours of tracking.

4.    If a user forcefully closes the live tracking notification then the Live tracking will stop.