Data Input Blocks
Phone Number Block

Phone Number Block

This is some text inside of a div block.

Use the Phone Number block in the App Design to provide a field for the end users to enter the Phone Number with the Country Code.

Editing the Block

Click on the Phone Number block. A Right Panel for editing appears on the right side.

Phone Number Block - Right Panel for Editing

Phone Number Block - Label, Description, Country Cod


Label is positioned above the Input block and it is the Heading which conveys to the end user that this is the Phone Number input block.


Description is positioned below the Input block which explains to the end user on how to enter the Phone Number in the input block.

Description is an optional field.

Default Country Code

Country Code is indicated on the left side of the Phone Number input block with an icon of the respective country’s National Flag.

Click on the downward arrow in the panel and a drop-down list of various Country Codes appear.

Phone Number Block - Downward Arrow for List of Country Codes

Select the Default Country Code by typing the Country Code and selecting one from the list.

Phone Number Block - Country Code, Drop-down list of Country Codes

Phone Number Block - More Options

Allow User to edit the Country Code

Enable this option for the end user to change the Country Code.


Enable this option to tell the end user that it is mandatory to fill the data in the Phone Number block. 

Show Advanced Options:

Phone Number Block - Variables

Display this field if

Enable this option to show/hide the Phone Number block in relation with another block.

Allow value to be changed after initial submission

Enable this option for the end user to change the Phone Number input after initial submission.


Label & Description: Examples

By Default, The Label is displayed as ‘Phone Number’

Here are a few examples of conveying to the end user that they need to enter the Phone Number as an input in the block: 

Example 1:

Label - Enter 10 Digit Phone Number

Description - 

Example 2:

Label - Reach out to me at:

Description - Enter 10 Digit Phone Number