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App icon color

App icon color

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You can now choose the color of the icons of your apps from a predefined set.

New App

  1. Click on the + New App button

2. Provide name and other details and select the color

Change the color of an existing app

  1. Click on an existing app to open it

2. Click on the pencil icon after the name of the app on the right panel

3. Select color and save


Q: I don't see any change in the color of the mobile apps.
A: You need to have the latest version of the Android app. Color in the iOS app is not supported yet.

Q: Can I add more colors that the ones provided?
A: Not yet. Stay tuned.

Q: Why do I need colors apart from beautification purposes?
A: You can create category of apps so that your users get visual information. For example, you can make your master apps grey so that your users know that these apps are not regular apps.