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Custom Domain Mapping

You can make your Clappia Workplace accessible on your custom domain as well.

Note: This is a premium feature and is not included in the Standard Subscription Plan. Refer to the Pricing page for more details.

Once your domain is ready, submit a request below.

If your company domain is, then you can request a custom domain mapping for, so that your actual domain is not affected.

This is a 2-step process. Once you submit the request above, you will receive an email with the next steps within 24 hours. The email will look something like this -

Custom Domain Mapping

You will have to add these mappings to your domain provider (AWS Route53, GoDaddy, HostPapa, Hostinger etc) and then reply to this email once done. We will be setting a few more configurations at our end and you will receive another email with a few more mappings like this -

Custom Domain Mapping

Once you update these mappings in the Domain Provider, you might have to wait for 2-3 hours for the changes to propagate. After that, you should be able to access your Clappia Workplace on the custom domain.

Few Points to note -

  • You will need to have Admin Access to your Domain Provider to be able to setup the Custom Domain Mapping.
  • Different domain providers might have different syntax requirements for adding the mappings. For example, if you want to add, you might have to only add in your settings.
  • (Specific for Hostinger); You will have to add two additional records for the Domain Mapping to work - '@ 0 issue ""  0' and '@ 0 issuewild ""  0'
  • Please reach out to in case you are stuck at any step.
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