Workplace Management
What is a Workplace?

What is a Workplace?

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A Workplace in Clappia represents a collection of users and Clappia apps that belong to a single company or organization. All apps created inside a Workplace are private to that company.

Key features of a Workplace

  • Each Workplace gets a unique subdomain on Clappia <your-company-name>
  • Each Workplace can have a logo, which will be visible to all users while they are working on Clappia.
  • The Workplace admins can add or remove users from their company to the Workplace. The same will be immediately reflected in the Workplace subscription plan.

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How to create a Workplace

Once you sign up on Clappia, you will be prompted to choose a unique subdomain for your Workplace.

You can choose a subdomain matching your company name. If the subdomain is available, your Workplace will be created. The process of creating the Workplace and registering your subdomain might take a few seconds. You will see a screen like the following once the Workplace is created.

However, if it is taking too long for the subdomain registration, you will not see the above screen. But within the next few seconds, you will get an email with the Workplace details.