Workflow Logs

Workflow Logs

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This article explains the execution of the workflows that are shown as workflow logs.


All the workflow steps and statuses are recorded as workflow logs when a workflow is executed.

Workflow Status

Running - The workflow is being executed and is running

OK - The workflow has been successfully executed.

Error - The workflow has not been successfully executed.

Importance of Workflow Logs

Workflow logs help in determining whether the execution has been successful, failed, or is running.

Use Case

Consider the following workflow:

When a user submits the workflows starts the execution. The status of Running is showing in a blue coloured background.

You can also see the details of each workflow step.

After the workflow is executed refresh the workflow logs tab and you see the status as OK in a green coloured background.


1. The workflow will be logged as running when the execution starts and will be automatically changed to either OK or Error.

2. If the workflow is logged as error it does not necessarily mean that all the steps in that workflow have failed. If any one of the workflow steps has failed to execute then the overall workflow will be logged as failed.