Capturing Customer Ratings Using Clappia

Capturing Customer Ratings Using Clappia

Vidhyut Arumugam
August 3, 2023
5 Mins

Customer feedback is crucial for any business to improve its offerings and enhance customer satisfaction. By adding a ratings block to your customer satisfaction form, you can easily capture customer ratings and analyze their feedback to identify areas of improvement.

Use Case Scenario

Let's consider a scenario where you run a healthcare clinic and want to assess patient satisfaction with your services. You have already created an application using Clappia to collect patient details and feedback. The missing piece is the ability to capture patient ratings for different aspects of their experience.

Using the Ratings Block in Clappia

  • Access your application in Clappia and click on "Design App" to edit it.
Customer Ratings
  • Add the feedback parameters required. You can use the 'text,html & embedding' block to input simple text for your feedback parameters.
  • Click on the "+" symbol or 'add field' under every feedback parameter and select "Ratings" from the available blocks.
Customer Ratings
  • Configure the ratings block by giving it a label name, selecting emojis, and defining their corresponding values. You can also set it as a required field if you want to ensure every patient provides a rating.
Customer Ratings
  • Optionally, you can use the "Display this field if" option under Advanced settings to control when the ratings block appears in the application. For instance, you can show the ratings block only if the patient indicates that a purchase was made.
Customer Ratings
  • You can copy the ratings block and drag and drop it under each question in the customer satisfaction form. This way, you can have the same configuration without needing to manually configure the ratings block every time for each parameter. You will only need to place the copied ratings block under each parameter.
Customer Ratings
  • Additionally, you can calculate an overall rating by using the "Calculations and Logic" block in Clappia. This block allows you to define a formula to calculate the average of all the ratings provided by the patient.
Customer Ratings
Customer Ratings

Real-Life Benefits

By using the ratings block in Clappia, your healthcare clinic can:

  • Gather valuable feedback from patients about their experience.
  • Understand specific areas of improvement based on the ratings provided.
  • Calculate an overall rating to assess the clinic's performance at a glance.

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Adding the ratings block to your customer satisfaction form in Clappia is a simple yet effective way to collect and analyze customer feedback. This feature enables businesses like your healthcare clinic to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

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