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Checklists are an important part of many business processes, especially for the quality service department. People generally use paper checklists in such cases. Here are a few reasons why you should use Clappia for your next checklists:

  1. Zero code: You can create a complex checklist app without a single line of code.
  2. Mobile-ready: You get mobile apps immediately for all the checklists that your design.
  3. Two-way communication: In case your users submit something that requires modification, you just need to assign status accordingly and the users can modify their submissions.
  4. Calculation: Clappia supports all kinds of arithmetic operations and even logical operations like IF/ELSE. To use this block, you don't need to learn any new language or syntax. Basic know-how of Excel is sufficient to add arithmetic operations and IF/ELSE logic in a Clappia app.
  5. GPS location: You can add GPS fields so that your users can submit their GPS location. This becomes very useful when you want the location of your on-field employees, vehicles, assets etc.
  6. Pre-attached files: You can attach certain files like annexures, guides, instructions, plans etc. while designing the form and sent to the users. The users can refer to these files while performing any action.
  7. Offline mode: We provide micro-apps inside one common app. You can create checklists and push to your users on their mobile. The users can submit data even without the internet and whenever they come online the data and files are synched. This is very useful when your field staffs visit remote locations with weak internet connectivity.
  8. Schedule: You can set up a schedule so that your users get a notification to submit the data on time. For example, you want daily checklists from your staff.
  9. Inter-app connection: You can create a suite of forms in the system which can pull data from each other. For example, you can create an app for the inventory and another app to pull data from this inventory app. Every time there is a new submission in the inventory app, the second app can pull the latest set of submissions.
  10. Dynamic printing: You can set up a document with the required headers, footers, and other fixed contents. Clappia can merge your checklist values to this document and generate dynamic documents on the fly.
  11. Conditional sections: You can create conditional sections that appear only when certain criteria is met. For example, if the total value of a field is less than 100 then one section should appear otherwise another section should appear.


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