Analytics: Automated Reports

Analytics: Automated Reports

You can configure Automated Reports for your app. The reports will be sent in the form of Excel sheets to a specified list of recipients on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Which columns are to be included in the reports and what filters need to be applied can also be configured here.


In Edit, go to Analytics, in that click on Automated Reports and click on the Add Report Button to get started.

Configure the following fields to set up a Report:

Report's Title

Enter a name for the report

To email addresses

Comma-separated list of email Ids who should receive the Reports.

Email subject

The reports will be sent over Email. Enter a subject for the email here.

Email body

Enter the body for the email here.

Report's frequency

Choose one of Daily, Monthly or Weekly depending on how frequently the reports are to be sent.

Sending time

Select a Time of the day when the reports are to be sent.

Day of week

This option will appear if the frequency is set as weekly. You can configure the reports to be sent on any day from Sunday-Saturday.

Day of month

This option will appear if the frequency is set as monthly. You can configure the reports to be sent on any date from 1 to 31. If this is set as 31, but that month doesn't have 31 days, the report will be sent on the last day of that month.

File name prefix

The report will be sent as an Excel File. You can set a prefix for the name of the file.

Select columns

Choose the fields from the app whose data needs to be included in the report.

Apply filters

Apply some filters on the submissions to decide which data needs to be included in the report. For example, if you have set the Report frequency to Weekly, you can set the Submission Date Range filter to Last 7 Days. Additionally, you can put filters on any other fields of the app.

Status Filter

This is used to filter the status of data.

Sort by

This is used to sort the data as ascending(upward arrow) or descending (downward arrow) with respect to a variable.

View the reports instantly

Once you are done with the configuration, you can send a report to verify the data immediately. Use the Send Now button for that. NOTE THAT THE REPORT NEEDS TO BE SAVED BEFORE CLICKING ON THE SEND NOW BUTTON.



  • For each report, the email size should be less than 10mb. Emails with total size greater than 10mb will fail to be delivered. So try to ensure that you have selected the correct filters. For example, if you don't select any Submission Date filters, then the report will contain data for all the submissions and the size might cross 10mb.
  • You can configure up to 6 reports per app.