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Reset Password

It is pretty common for users to forget their login credentials, especially passwords.

In such cases, users can easily reset their passwords in Clappia and get access to the respective dashboard(s) by two methods:

  1. Reset password via email - Reset password link
  2. Reset password via phone number - Reset password via OTP

Let us see how to reset password, in detail:

1. Reset password via email - Reset password link:

Step 1

Enter your email ID in the Sign In page of your respective dashboard. Leave the password field empty. Click on the Forgot Password option mentioned below the password field.

Step 2

Another page with RECOVER option appears. Enter your Email ID and click on RECOVER button.

Step 3

Another page appears stating that the link and instructions for resetting password is sent to the email ID mentioned.

Step 4

Open your inbox of the mentioned email ID and search for a mail with the subject line as [Clappia] Password reset instructions. Open the mail and click on the link.

Step 5

Upon clicking the link, a new Reset Password page opens in the browser. Enter the password you want to set.

You can now Sign In with the new password.

2. Reset password via phone number:

Step 1

In the Sign In page of your dashboard, click on Forgot password option below the password field.

Step 2

Another page appears with an email field and a Recover with phone? option below it. Click on Recover with phone?

Step 3

Another page with a Recover password appears which contains a country code option denoted with a Flag dropdown and a field beside it to enter your phone number associated with your Clappia account. Click on the Flag dropdown to select your country's code.

Step 4

Enter the phone number associated with your Clappia account and click on Send OTP.

Step 5

OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered with Clappia your account.

Enter the OTP and click on Verify OTP.

Note: If you do not receive the OTP, you can click on Send OTP, after the prescribed time limit.

Step 6

Enter your new password and re-enter to confirm. Click on the "Reset" button below and you will get the message above that your password has been updated.

Your password has been successfully reset and you can now login to your Clappia dashboard with your new credential.

Important Notes

1. To reset password via phone number, you have to enter a valid 10-digit phone number.

2. You will not be able to reset your password via phone number if your phone number is not registered with your Clappia account.

3. You cannot reset your password if you enter an incorrect OTP.

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