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Pricing/Payment FAQs

Click here to visit our pricing page. This page addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our pricing.

Q: Why do you have a pricing range?
Our standard price for a starter is $7 per internal user per month. There are organizations that buy hundreds of licenses for their employees. The price keeps coming down for buying more than 50 licenses or buying annual plans.

Q: What do you mean by an internal user?
When you create an app in Clappia, it can be assigned to different email ids so that only those users can use the web app and the mobile app. In the Basic plan, you can assign the app to one more email id and two of you can use the app at no cost. If you want to add more such internal users, you need to buy licenses. Click here to know how to add users to your app.

Q: I just need to collect data from thousands of users. Will they be charged on a per-user basis?
A: There is a provision to share your app as a link. Users can simply visit the link and submit data. Such users are called Guest Users and we don't charge based on their numbers. However, the link-sharing feature is a premium feature and is available only if you have bought at least 1 internal user license for your Workplace.

Q: I only need to use premium features like link sharing, dynamic printing, or Google sheet connection. What will be the charges?
All the premium features are provided to you as soon as you buy just 1 user license.

Q: Can Guest Users use the mobile app?
Our standard Clappia requires login credentials and redirects the user to the right Workplace. Hence, guest user submission is not possible with the mobile app. However, if you buy the Whitelabeled app with your logo as mentioned in this article, the app can be configured to accept data from guest users. That way anyone can simply download an app with your logo from the Playstore/Appstore and start using the apps configured by you.

Q: Can I cancel my plan at any time? I am afraid to put my credit card on auto-billing?
Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. If our system charged you for the current month because you forgot to cancel, contact us and we will refund. We want to earn only from our merit.

Q: I don't have a credit card. Do you accept debit cards?
Several debit cards don't support the subscription payment. We can share a 3-month payment link that accepts debit cards. You can connect with our chat support or send an email to contact @ for the payment link.

Q: Can I share credentials?
You can share credentials for the web app. However, multiple users should not log in with the same credentials in the mobile app. The system may throw warnings and disable access.

Q: I don't want to make apps myself. Can I pay for app development as well?
We have several partners who can configure the apps for you at a nominal cost. Let us know your requirement and we will connect you with the right partners.

More questions? Shoot an email to contact @ or ping our chat support.

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