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Workflows: Edit submissions

This page covers the submission edit workflow. Edit submission workflows can be used to edit submissions in another Clappia app based on triggers from the app on which the workflow is configured. For help related to how to add workflows to your app, click here

Workflows: Edit submissions

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Configuring the workflow

After you have added the edit submission workflow node to the app, you will be able to configure it. If the right panel which shows the details of the step is not shown you should click on the newly added node to proceed.

Workflows: Edit submissions

The right panel is used to configure the workflow. The details for each field is as shown below.

Workflows: Edit submissions

Step Name

This is the name of the step. The name set here would be what would appear on the workflow graph on the left. This field is required and you cannot keep a blank name.

Select App

Workflows: Edit submissions

This shows the list of apps for which the workflow can be configured. If you don't have access to any other apps in the workplace, it would show an error. Select any app from the list to proceed.

For the selected app to work with this workflow, there are 2 conditions that should be met:

  1. You should have edit permissions on the target app
  2. The selected app should have at least one configurable field. (Refer to the next section to know about configurable fields)


Filters are used to configure which submission in the target app needs to be edited. To add a filter click on the 'Add Filter' option in the right panel.

Workflows: Edit submissions
Workflows: Edit submissions

You can add multiple filters to the workflow. Each filter would consist of 2 fields. The first one is to select the field in the target app. The second field is a formula field to provide the value to be filtered.

Workflows: Edit submissions
Workflows: Edit submissions

You can select the field from the dropdown. Note that some field types are not supported by this workflow node. To know the list of allowed fields, refer to the 'Configurable Fields' section in this article.

The second field is a formula block to provide the value for the filter. To know more about formula blocks, refer to this article

Set Field Values

Click on the 'Add field' button to add a field to be configured.

Workflows: Edit submissions

You can add as many fields as you require. Each field configuration would consist of 2 fields, similar to the filters section.

Workflows: Edit submissions

The first field is a dropdown to select the field to be edited. Note that not all field types are supported by this workflow node. Refer to the 'Configurable Fields' section in this article for the list of supported field types.

You can use formulas to configure these fields. Press @ to get a dropdown of fields in the current app. Refer to this article to know more about using formula blocks.

If the target app has statuses, you can also change them using this workflow. There would be a status option that you can select from the fields, provided that the target app has statuses and you have review data permission on that app.

Workflows: Edit submissions

Set Submission Owners

You can assign a submission to multiple other users of the app using this workflow. This field accepts a comma-separated list of email Ids. The email Ids can be either static ones or can also be pulled from the variables defined in the app. Additionally, you can choose to remove the current owners from this submission.

Workflows: Edit submissions

Allow Multiple Edits

If the filter criteria defined above matches with more than one submission in the target app, use this option to decide whether to edit all the matching submissions (upto 100) or not. If more than 100 submissions match the filter criteria, only the top 100 (with the most recent Submission timestamp) will get edited.

Note: If this option is turned OFF and the filter criteria matches more than one submission, NONE of the matching submissions will be edited.

Workflows: Edit submissions

Parent Step

Parent step refers to the function which is just above the WhatsApp node. Here, it is the Start function.

Enable this Step

This step is enabled by default. Disable this step for the node and the whole workflow below the node to stop from executing.

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