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How to Auto-Fill Values in Clappia App Fields by Passing Values in URLs

In many instances, you may need to make app data collection more efficient. One effective method is to pre-fill app fields automatically by embedding specific values within the app's URL. 

This method is particularly useful for apps requiring repetitive data entry or when you wish to guide users through a semi-populated form

This guide will walk you through the process, using an inventory app as an example.

Step 1: Identify Your App's URL

  • Start by navigating to your Clappia dashboard and opening the app you wish to modify. For this example, we'll use an inventory app.
  • Each app has a unique URL, visible in the browser's address bar when the app is open.

Step 2: Locate Field Variable Names

  • Go to the Design App section, where you can view all the fields you've created for your app.
  • Each field has a unique variable name, essential for the next steps. You can find this name at the top of every field in brackets or by clicking on a field and checking the right-hand panel.

Step 3: Modify the URL for Auto-Filling

Auto-fill Single Field

  • To auto-fill a field, modify your app's base URL by removing part of the URL till the app ID portion and adding a query parameter.
  • Add a "?" followed by the field's variable name, an "=", and the value you want to pre-fill. For instance, if you're auto-filling an "Item Code" field, your URL modification might look like ?item_code=12345.

Ensure you type in the exact variable name taking care of upper and lowercase letters and special characters.

  • Press "Enter" after pasting this modified URL into a new browser tab to see the field auto-filled with your specified value.

Auto-fill Multiple Fields

  • You can also pre-fill multiple fields by adding additional parameters to the URL.
  • Use the "&" symbol followed by the next field's variable name, "=", and the value. Repeat this for as many fields as you need to pre-fill.
  • Example: ?item_code=12345&item_type=Laptop&brandmake=HP&price=Rs.70000.

Share or Embed the Modified URL

This is useful for sharing apps with users who have not signed up to Clappia or to a wide number of audiences.

  • Via Link Sharing

To share your app with pre-filled values, use the Distribute tab in the Design App section.

Enable Link Sharing and append your URL modifications (starting from the "?") to the provided link.

  • Via Embed on Website

You can also embed this modified URL into your website by selecting Embed on Website from the Distribute tab, enabling the option, and adding your URL modifications to the provided embed code.

  • Via QR Codes for Easy Access

Taking the above example of an inventory app, if your items have QR codes, you can embed the modified app URL into a QR code for quick scanning and app access with pre-filled values.

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