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Making an app public

Making an app public

You can make Clappia apps public and allow guest users to make submissions into them, without having them sign up on Clappia. This is useful when you have to send out a one-time survey or if you want to create a Customer Enquiry app for your website.

To make an app public follow these steps.

  • Open the app which you want to make public.
  • Sign in to your Clappia Account.
  • Now click on the 3 dots symbol (...) available on the right of your screen to get a drop-down as shown below and go to edit app.
  • Go to the App Settings tab.
  • Turn off the switch labelled Login required to access this app
  • You will see a link like this - This is your app's public link. You can share it over email or embed it on your website. Users visiting this link will not be asked to Sign up or Sign in to Clappia. They will be able to make submissions directly into this app.
  • Users opening this link will be able to see the app without signing up on Clappia.