Data Input Blocks
Time selector

Time selector

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This article explains the features of the Time Selector block and how it can be used to design your app.

Time Selector Block is used for:

1. Providing current, future, or past time as input.

2. Attendance systems.

3. Incidence reporting.

4. Field Force Management.

Editing the Time Selector block

Click on the block and configure it by editing on the right panel.


The label is the name of the block that the end user sees in the app.

Example: Time of Dispatch is written as the label and is saved. 


The description is the additional information provided to the end user which will be displayed below the input area.

Example: Enter the time manually or select from the clock

This is how the Time Selector block with the label and the description will look to the end user.


Enable this option if you want the user to compulsorily input the data. If enabled, the end user can submit if and only if the data is entered in this field.

Show Advanced Options

Enable this option to show the advanced options to configure the time selector text block.

Default to the current time

Enable this option to automatically input the current date.

Allow time to be changed by user

Enable this option to allow the user to change the default date input.

Display this field if

Use this if you want to show or hide a field under certain conditions. It accepts the standard Clappia Formulae, similar to conditional sections.

  1. You can type ‘@’ to get a list of all the variables in the app and select variables.
  2. Using these variables you can write Excel-like formulae.

Example: For a Yes or No question, you can show the date field when the answer is Yes.