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Dynamic Printing of Images

Dynamic Printing of Images

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Hope you are familiar with the dynamic printing feature of Clappia, If not, go through the help guide for dynamic printing, here is the link -

Now, You can also print the images uploaded during submissions in your document using the dynamic printing, here is the help guide for that.

NOTE: Please note that the "Printing of image" is only supported with HTML file, and not supported with doc file.

  • Create your app as per your requirement, we will take an example of 'Damage Report' app.
  • Use the 'File Upload' feature to provide an option to upload images during submissions. You will get a unique field name for every image to be uploaded.
  • Go to the App Settings menu.
  • Enable the 'Allow Print Submissions' option.

Push the button 'Allow Print Submissions' to get options to upload files
  • Choose the HTML editor option and click on the 'Setup Print Template'.
  • Create your document in whatever format you want, write the fixed values that will be common to all documents directly as it is and provide all the variables / dynamic fields in curly brackets.
  • Provide the unique field names of the images you want to print.
  • Save the file and go to Submissions Menu.
  • Click on any submission and click the pdf symbol on the top right of the screen and save the file as PDF.
  • You will get your documents with the images uploaded in submissions as shown.