Using Apps
Accessing Mobile Apps

Accessing Mobile Apps

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This article explains how to use the Clappia apps on your mobile phone that are created in your Clappia workplace.

If you haven’t created any apps, Click here to create an app or contact your workplace admin or a team member who has created the app.

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All the apps that are created on the platform can be accessed through a common mobile app - Clappia App Launcher.

Features of Clappia App Launcher

1.   Apps are generated Instantly for Web, iOS, and Android platforms.

2.   No need to download the installation files and then host them in the Google PlayStore and Apple’s Appstore.

3.   All of your Clappia apps work offline (Only for Android, for now). Users can record and submit the data without connecting to the internet. The data gets automatically synced once the mobile phone is connected to the internet.

4.   You can assign the apps to any user while editing the app and the user can log in to the Clappia app launcher and can see and use the apps assigned to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I get my separate app with my logo and flat screens in place of the common Clappia app?

- Yes, you can get such apps by paying additional charges.

Q2. Can I create an app that doesn't require me to assign users?

- Yes, you can take a private app like mentioned above that has a setting to make all your apps public. Users can download an app and they get to access the apps without the app assignment process.

Q3. Can I share an app through a link, like a form service?

-  Yes, there is an option in app edit settings where you can enable the link-sharing option and share the URL of the app.

Q4. How do I assign an app?

- Go to the app on the web > Click on 'Edit App' button on the right panel > Click on the 'Add Users' tab >  Select the user from the dropdown and set the required permission

Make sure the users are added to your workplace - Learn how