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Workflows: SMS node

This article explains the functioning of SMS nodes that can be configured as a part of workflows.


Automating the process of sending an SMS message based on the user action in the app.

Use Cases

Based on the actions in the app, users will be able to receive SMS messages for:

  • Confirmation
  • Reminder
  • Notification


Please note there is a limitation of 20 SMS Message segments per month for each Workplace. You can purchase additional SMS packs at

Also note that one SMS message might contain multiple SMS segments depending on the length of each message. For example, if the SMS message contains 200 characters, it will contain 2 message segments. Special characters like emojis and unicode characters might further increase the number of segments. You will be able to see the number of segments used under Workflow Logs.

Editing the block

Click on the SMS block and start editing on the right panel.

Workflows: SMS node
Workflows: SMS node

Step Name

This is the name of the workflow that appears on the left side.

To Phone Number

Enter the variable associated with the Phone Number block in the app or manually enter the phone number with the country code as: “country code phone number”.

Select Template

Select a template message consisting of variables from the list of templates. These variables can be configured with the variable names of the data blocks from the app.

Request New Template

Click here to submit your template. We will verify the format and send the template to the concerned authorities for approval. If approved, we will upload the template and it will be available for use. Only relevant templates will be approved and uploaded to the list for use.

For users in India (DLT operators)

For users outside India (Workplace - location)

Enable this step

This step is enabled by default. Disable this step to stop this node and all the steps below this node to execute in the workflow.

Important Note

Before submitting a template, refer the format of the sample templates mentioned in the 'Submit your Template below' for do's and don'ts.

Submit your Template below

Template Example

Workflows: SMS node

Select template- OTP Template 1

The message will appear like this:

Hi Abhisek

Thanks for visiting Clappia. Would you take a minute to write a Google Review about your experience - google


Clappia Team

Set Template Values

Variables are displayed according to the selected template. Configure the variables with the variable name of the data block from the app accordingly.

In this example

user1, user2 and link are variables. Type @ and select the suitable variable.

Workflows: SMS node
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