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Clappia public APIs

Clappia public APIs

If you have created an app on Clappia, you can send data to this app via Clappia's public APIs.

We provide a RESTful API which can be called using an HTTP POST request with a JSON payload.

Server URL:
Method: POST
Content Type - application/json
Request Header: { x-api-key: "clappia-public-api-key"} # This is a test key. Contact us to get your own private key
Request Body:{
"applicationId": "<YOUR_APP_ID>", # The app you created on Clappia. get its Id from the browser URL.
"submitterEmailAddress": "<EMAIL_ADDRESS_ON_CLAPPIA>",# Email address with which you signed up on Clappia
"data": {
"field_one": "value one", # Values against fields of Clappia app
"field_two": "value two",
"...": "..."

The following example takes an Employee Details app as an example and sends data to it using the REST API.

This is how the app looks to an end-user.

This is how the app looks in Edit mode. Notice the field names in parentheses. first_name, last_name etc.

For sending data to this app, a sample request from Postman would look like this -

Once the request goes through, you will receive a submission Id. The same submission with now be visible in the Clappia app.