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Setup Custom WhatsApp Business Account Number

This guide explains the steps required to configure your own WhatsApp Business Number to send WhatsApp messages using Clappia WhatsApp Workflows. Read more about the WhatsApp Workflows here.


  1. An active account on WhatsApp Business.
  2. An active account on
  3. You need to be the Workplace Admin of your Clappia Workplace.

Create a new App on

  • Click on Create App.
  • Select Business in the app type.
  • Enter the basic details and select your WhatsApp Business Account.
  • Once your App is created, add WhatsApp product to the App.
  • Click on Start using the API.
  • You will be directed to the WhatsApp settings page of your App. Make a note of the Phone Number ID from this page.

  • Next, we need to generate a permanent Auth Token. Go to your WhatsApp Business Account for that. On the top left, click on the Settings icon next to your Business Account Name.
  • Go to Users -> System Users -> Add
  • Enter a name for the user and select Admin role.
  • Click on Generate New Token and select the App that you created above and set the Token Expiration to Permanent. Select the whatsapp_business_management permission.
  • A new token will be generated. You can take a note of this token.
  • Next you need to go to your Clappia Workplace -> Workplace Details -> Preferences -> WhatsApp. Enter the values of the Phone Number ID and the Auth Token that you received in the above steps.

The setup is now complete. And any new WhatsApp messages that are sent using the WhatsApp workflows will be sent from your WhatsApp Business Number. Read more about the WhatsApp Workflows here.

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