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Delete Account

Delete Account

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This article guides you through the process of deleting your Clappia account.

Important Notes before you delete your Clappia account:

  • Any Clappia user can be able to delete their Clappia account only when they are not a part of one or more workplaces.
  • If the user is added to other workplace, user needs to request the admin to remove them from that workplace.
  • If the user is the admin, they have to delete the workplace first and then delete their account.

Workplace deletion takes up to 24 hours. If the user changes their mind, the user can send an email and request to stop the workplace deletion by replying on the email.

1.   Deleting the Workplace

Workplace Details

Sign in to your Clappia dashboard. Select ‘Workplace Details’ from the vertical menu on the left side.


In the workplace details select the 'Preferences' tab. Click on the 'Delete Workplace' option.

Delete Workplace

Upon selecting the delete workplace option a right panel appears. Type 'delete workplace' text as mentioned and click on delete.

Delete Workplace Confirmation

You are redirected to your Clappia dashboard and a message is displayed on the dashboard, ‘Workplace under deletion!'.

Email Confirmation

You will also receive two emails regarding the deletion of the workplace to the email ID with which you signed up on Clappia.

  1. An email saying the process of deletion is underway. You can reply to the same email within 24 hours of submitting the deletion request in case you don’t want to continue the deletion of that workplace.
  1. An email confirming the deletion of the workplace.

NOTE: Once the workplace is deleted, its apps and submissions cannot be accessed anywhere - web/mobile.

2.   Deleting an Account

Edit Profile

Sign in to your Clappia dashboard. Click on your profile button on the to right corner with your initials on it. From the menu click on ‘Edit Profile’ button.

Delete Account

Select the 'Delete Account' option and a right panel appears. Type 'delete account' as mentioned and click on delete.

Delete Account Confirmation

A message is displayed on the top of your dashboard saying, 'Request for account deletion has been submitted. You will receive an email confirmation shortly.'

NOTE: Once the Clappia account is deleted, the user will be logged out from all devices and won't be able to login with the same credentials again.