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Importing apps from Marketplace

You don't have to always create Clappia apps from scratch. Clappia App Marketplace has some standard built-in app templates. You can Import any of these templates to get an initial structure for your app and then customise these imported apps as per your needs.

Follow these steps to import apps from the App Marketplace.

  • Sign in to your Clappia account.
  • Click the App Marketplace button from the left navigation pane.
  • You'll see different categories of apps like HR Apps, Accounting Apps, Tracking Apps etc.
  • Click on the IMPORT APP button of any app that you wish to use.
  • You'll see one of the following screens.
  • If you have not created or joined a Workplace (Know more about workplaces here), you'll see the screen below. Enter the name of your new app and click Import.
  • If you are part of a Workplace, you'll see the screen below. Enter the name of your new app, select one of your workplaces and click Import. Your new app will open up in the Edit Mode.
  • The imported app will open in Edit Mode. Customise the app as per your needs. Add/remove/modify the fields in the app and start using. Know more about how to edit apps here.
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