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Value Added Services

Value Added Services (VAS) are non-core services or features that are beyond the standard Clappia services. They can be free or charged extra based on the effort required and complexity of the requirement. Here are some of the VAS offered on top of Clappia core services.

Dashboard of graphs, charts, maps and summary tables

Since you collect a lot of data around your processes in Clappia, you may need a dashboard graphs, charts and summary tables. We have an easy Do-It-Yourself feature. Here is a sample:

Dashboard of graphs, charts, maps and summary tables

Dashboard of graphs, charts, maps and summary tables

Free Alternative: You can connect a Google Sheet with your app and send data into it in real-time. You can add your charts or pivot tables in the Google Sheet itself or use the Google Data Studio platform to create different real-time dashboard around the Google Sheet.

Complete app creation support from Clappia experts

Hire Clappia experts to create your apps

In this service, Clappia experts will collect your requirements, create all apps, on-board your team members and provide them the necessary training to use your apps.  

Integration Services

All apps created in Clappia get ready to use APIs to integrate with any system that allows external integration. Here are the integration options that you can use.

- Data from any service to Clappia through Zapier

Zapier is a very popular app integration service that can connect apps from different service providers without a single line of code. It supports almost all popular applications. You can send data to any system to an app created in Clappia at no additional charges. Zapier charges may apply based on your usage. Click on this link to go through the steps of sending data from any system to Clappia through Zapier.

- Build integration with Clappia

You can send data to a Clappia App directly without a third-party service like Zapier. This can be done through our REST APIs. This is the best way to go if you have an internal development team as it requires some software development skills. There are no charges from our side for such an integration.

Note: GET data from Clappia to your services is not supported yet. You can achieve it by using the REST API node in the Workflow tab. Click here to go through the help guide.

- Complete integration by Clappia solutions team/partners

If you use a service that allows integration with other services, Clappia solutions team/partners can integrate with that service at a minimal cost.

Notification/Workflow emails with your company email - Custom SMTP settings

Dy default, all notifications and emails are sent through the email gateways of Clappia. Many a times customers want to send such emails using their own SMTP servers and email ids. This can be done by opting for this service.

SMS and WhatsApp integration

SMS and WhatsApp integration can be done to send custom transactional notifications, media or files. We only charge the setup fees and use a very popular third-party provider Twilio to send such messages.

Please go through the help guides of WhatsApp integration and SMS integration to know more.

The limit of SMS and WhatsApp messages per workplace is 20. Contact us to upgrade the limit.

Mobile Apps with your logo

Clappia mobile apps can be accessed through a common Clappia-branded mobile app. You can get a separate app with your own logo and splash screen hosted in the Play Store and the iOS Appstore to keep your branding like shown below.

Mobile Apps with your logo
Mobile Apps with your logo
Mobile Apps with your logo
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