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Workflows: IF Node

This article explains the IF (condition) node that can be configured as part of Workflows. Learn more about using workflows here.

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Used For

  1. Having branches in the workflow. Take different actions based on the user submissions and their status.

Editing the block

Click on the block and start editing on the panel that appears on the right side.

Step name

This is the name that appears in the Workflow on the left side. If there are multiple Condition nodes in the workflow, set different step names like If Mechanical Department, If Civil Department etc.


Excel-like formulas to write the conditions. If the condition evaluates to TRUE, the workflow branch below this node gets executed, otherwise not. Type @ and select the variables from the app to apply conditions. Learn more about using variables in workflows here.

Parent Step

Parent step refers to the function which is just above the If node. Here, it is the Start function.

Enable this Step

This is enabled by default. Disable this step for the node and the workflow steps below this node to stop from excecuting.

Examples for If Condition

In the sample below:

1. if the node named Low evaluates to true (score less than 30), the 3 nodes get executed - Email, Slack and Mobile push.

2. If the node named High evaluates to true (score greater than or equal to 30), only the Email node gets executed.

The Condition input follows the same syntax as the Formula block in App Design and supports most Excel formulas. Know more about the syntax and valid formulae here.

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