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Automated Field Sales Tracking Process through No Code Mobile Apps in Clappia

April 18, 2022
5 minutes read

When it comes to tracking sales-related activities, it is important to make sure that you are maximizing your time and resources. There is no doubt that When it comes to tracking sales-related activities, many small business owners, SMEs and even a few enterprises in some cases opt for using manual forms or spreadsheets. This method requires a lot of time and effort to be updated in order to maintain accurate reporting.

One of the most efficient ways to increase productivity and mainatin transparency in field sales operation is by automating your field sales tracking process through No Code automation using mobile apps. In this article, we will show you how implementing No Code automation can help you to do this.

Clappia - No Code Platform

Clappia is a No Code platform to create business-process apps without coding. Anyone with basic excel skills is able to create efficient mobile apps, just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks, and effectively automating the business processes.

True speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Welcome to the world of mobile app-based Clappia's No Code Automation system.

Field Sales Tracking Automation in Clappia

Let us consider a Field Sales tracking mobile app already built and available to use on the Clappia App Marketplace. It contains three sections namely, Customer Details, Order Details, and Total.

Section 1 - Customer Details

Customer Name - Enter the customers name.

Customer Mobile Number - Enter the customers name.

Customer Email - Enter the customers name.

Address - Enter the customers name.

Photo of the customer - Enter the customers name.

Location of the customer - Enter the customers name.

Below is an image of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Customer Details’ section:

Section 2 - Order Details

Item Name - Enter the name of the item the customer wants to order.

Price in INR - Enter the price of the item.

UOM - Enter the unit of measure for the selected item.

Quantity - Enter the quantity of item.

Item Amount - Item amount is automatically calculated by multiplying price and quantity. This is achieved using Calculations & Logics block.

Calculations & Logics block - Use this block to perform automatic calculation.

Below is an image of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Order Details’ section:

Section 3 - Total

Based upon the data entered in the above two section the following fields will be automatically calculated: Order amount (in INR), Final Amount (in INR), Savings (in INR) and Name of the Salesperson.

Order Amount (in INR) - The total amount of the order.

Discount % - Enter the discount number which will be considered in %.

Savings in INR - The total amount of the order after discount, if any

Note: The discount field is set to open up if the Order amount if more than 10,000 INR. You can set this limit to any range. 

Name of the Salesperson - The name of the salesperson using this app will be automatically inserted.

Signature of the Salesperson - The salesperson will input signature and submit confirming the order.

Signature of the customer - The customer will input signature and submit confirming the order.

Note: The salesperson can update the order status from the submissions page based upon the status of the order.

Order ID - The order ID will be automatically generated once the order is submitted.

Below are the images of a basic layout of all the fields in the ‘Total’ section:

Clappia Mobile Apps work in Offline mode

A field salesperson might be visiting areas or sites where there might not be proper network coverage to access the internet. This is not a problem while using Clappia apps. The field salesperson can enter all the data in the sales tracker app and still make a submission. Later, when the salesperson connects to the internet the data will be synced automatically.

Use this app and automate the Field Inspection processes of your business - Clappia App Marketplace

Customize all the mobile apps in the Clappia App Marketplace suitable to your business needs and try them out for free.

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