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Do you use Google Forms and regularly depend on user data to run your business? We understand how frustrating it would be when customers or users type incorrect information. One of the most prevalent methods to prevent users from providing inaccurate data is to utilize a dropdown list that allows the users to select appropriate information from the list of options offered.

Google Forms is undoubtedly one of the most popular productivity and marketing tools. But if you use Google Forms as a primary tool, you will eventually hit the wall as Google Forms are not dynamic. Assume that you have two dropdown lists, and you want to limit the values displayed in one list based on the value selected in another. A survey app, for example, may ask for the region (Africa, Asia, or Europe) and then for a country within that region. It is impossible to implement such connected dropdowns with Google Forms.

What are connected dropdowns? They are a collection of dropdown lists where the value of the second list depends on the selection made on the first. Industries may use this capability to create more accurate and efficient data collection and processing apps. Google Forms do not support connected dropdowns, but Clappia makes it easy to add them.

Clappia also overcomes Google Forms' restrictions by incorporating features like GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, image and signature uploading, etc. These improved features enable businesses to replace computers and spreadsheets with smartphones and transform their business by boosting productivity and efficiency. The best part is you don't need to write a single line of code to create apps using Clappia.

How to Use Connected Dropdown in Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first step in creating an app with Clappia is to create a free account and personalize your workspace. After configuring your workspace, you can use drag-and-drop blocks to create mobile apps.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks include a variety of data input, upload, and processing blocks, as well as options for adding workflows, incorporating analytics, and integrating with other APIs.

Clappia includes the Drop down block as part of the Data Input Blocks, which you can use to create a predefined list from which the user can select appropriate values. Additionally, you can use multiple Drop down blocks to incorporate connected or dependent dropdowns for dynamic data selection.

To learn more about the connected dropdown feature, watch this video.

Best Google form alternative with dropdown feature

Use Case: Automatic Incident Management System

Scenario: A manufacturing company with plants and warehouses worldwide noticed a significant gap in their manual incident management process, which required workers to manually report anomalies by typing the description into Google Forms. Furthermore, workers had to take notes manually and later update Google Forms in areas without internet access.

It caused various issues, such as increased resolution time, lack of visibility of the anomaly, inaccurate or insufficient information provided by the worker, and so on. As a result, the manufacturer sought to automate it by requiring field workers to adhere to a set procedure regardless of their location or the plant under inspection. 

In a recent event, a worker made a mistake by reporting an operational fault of a machine present in a different location. Clappia’s connected dropdowns can quickly solve such problems by allowing you to validate accurate information and use them in real-time to make decisions.

Connected dropdowns with Clappia allow choosing the country name, and based on the country name; the plant location will be automatically populated. Another level of dependency can also be created, allowing one to choose a machine ID based on the plant location. It will enable the worker to select the machine under inspection accurately. In addition, depending on the selected device, the failure type and reason can be set accurately.

Best Google form alternative with dropdown featuregform alternativegform alternativegform alternative

Furthermore, workers can use the app to enter information from any plant without an internet connection.

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Final Thoughts

Connected dropdowns may appear insignificant initially, but using them in your app guarantees that you always deal with correct information. Furthermore, they make the app look structured, make it simple to use, and assist you in making intelligent business decisions.

When you use Google Forms, data is only available for manipulation after you press the submit button. Clappia, on the other hand, has hundreds of drag-and-drop blocks that allow you to take data dynamically, process it, provide output, and utilize them to make real-time decisions.

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