Alternative to Google Forms with Connected Dropdowns

Google Forms is a free tool mostly used as a survey form to gather data from users.

It has basic features due to which other alternatives having advanced features are being used .

Google Forms is free to use which has basic features to build a form like Short Answer, Paragraph, Multiple Choice, Check boxes, Dropdown, File Upload, Linear Scale, Multiple Choice grid, Checkbox grid, Date & Time. In this day and age, these features are not enough as more advanced forms with many useful features are required by the users where they can enter most of the input easily.

One such feature is the Connected Dropdown. Connected Dropdown is one of the most useful features that lets the form builder to segregate and easily guide the user to choose the right option.

How to add Connected Dropdowns in Google Forms?

Google Forms has a dependent functionality in its dropdown feature where the user will be diverted to a section based upon selecting an option from the dropdown list. Google Forms cannot connect one or more dropdowns as the user selects options from each dropdown list.

Therefore the search for alternatives to Google Forms with Connected Dropdowns is inevitable.

Clappia is one of the best Google Forms alternatives where you can easily create advanced form-based apps or online forms similar to Google Forms with Connected Dropdowns.

Alternative to Google Forms with Connected Dropdowns in Clappia


Sign-in to your Clappia dashboard and click on the ‘New App’ on the left side. Type in the name of your form in the ‘App Name’ section and select your desirable icon and color. Clicking on ‘Create App’ takes you to the editing panel of your form.

STEP 2: 

Click on ‘Add a section’ and name it accordingly. Click on the ‘Add Field’. Now simply click on the icons from the data input blocks to your form and select and save the Dropdown block. In the ‘Options’ field on the right panel, enter the product in it (Lights, Laptops and Processors). Click on the add field and select one more dropdown from the data input blocks menu. In the ‘Options’ field of the second dropdown block, enter the text in the form of: Product||Brand

In this example:

This implies that when the user selects Lights in the first dropdown only SYSKA and Phillips will be shown as options in the second dropdown. The same goes for Laptops(HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo) and Processors(AMD, Intel) also.

Now in the second dropdown block, select Level 1 dependency in the ‘Dependency Fields’ option as the first dropdown. This logic implies that the user will get to choose the brand which is meant for that particular product.(Lights - SYSKA or Phillips, Processors - AMD or Intel, Laptops - HP, Dell, Acer or Lenovo)

You now have a form with the format of a Google Form that has a connected dropdown.


Just drag-and-drop the blocks to place them according to your desired sequence. Click on ‘View App’ and your form is ready to use.


Go to ‘Edit App’ on the top right side and click on ‘Distribute’. Click on the ‘Link Sharing’ button below and a panel with a link appears on the right side. Activate the ‘Enable link sharing’ feature to share the form. Below that is the link of the form that we just created using multiple Dropdown blocks.

You can share this link with anyone to access the form and fill it.

Below pictures show how the form looks:


You can click on the ‘Submissions’ option on the top right side and view all the user submissions neatly formatted in a table where the product and the brand is present. You can also download this data by just clicking on the download option on the top right side in the form of an Excel Sheet.

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Dropdown block & Connected Dropdown blocks:

In Clappia, the dropdown block is the same as the dropdown feature in Google Forms. The stand out feature is connecting two dropdown blocks such that the input of one defines what should be the input of the other, which is not possible in Google Forms. This helps the user to avoid confusion and enter the input easily which inturn streamlines the input data to be formulated in the submissions sheet.

Flaws in Google Forms - Limited Features

Apart from the connected dropdown features, there are some other important features that Google Forms doesn’t have, like:

Therefore, the search for other alternatives which can accomplish the above use cases is preferred.

While Google Forms is a good tool to create basic forms, Clappia is one of the best Google Forms alternatives to create basic as well as advanced forms.

It doesn’t matter what your technical expertise is, you can easily build powerful applications just by using drag-and-drop blocks in Clappia.

You now have a Google Forms alternative with a Connected Dropdown.

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