Microsoft Form Alternative with GPS Location - Clappia

Microsoft Form Alternative with GPS Location - Clappia

Microsoft forms is undoubtedly one of the most popular productivity and marketing tools. It allows users to create, update, and share forms, surveys, and quizzes collaboratively. Despite its numerous capabilities, using Microsoft forms as your primary option might limit your potential as it does not support sophisticated features like GPS location sharing, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, uploading images, signatures, etc.

Forms with GPS location tracking are an excellent tool to collect the GPS location data for incident reports, cargo tracking, factory inspections, and other purposes. Unfortunately,Microsoft forms does not support the geolocation feature, but the good news is - with Clappia, sharing and tracking GPS location is easier than ever. Clappia allows you to detect, track and share the GPS location by featuring a GPS location block that helps to determine the location from where the form was submitted.

Clappia also addresses various limitations of Microsoft forms by including aspects such as a QR Code/Bar code scanner, NFC reader, live tracking, uploading images, signatures, etc. This smooth approach lets you make informed business decisions quickly and track your team's daily tasks.

How to Integrate Geolocation Data into Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first step to building an app with Clappia is to sign up for a free account and create your custom workspace. Once you create your workspace, you can develop mobile apps using drag-and-drop blocks without writing a single line of code.

As a part of the Data Upload Blocks, Clappia offers you the GPS location block that you can use to share or track locations. The GPS location block comes with the following features:

Miicrosoft form - GPS Location

Automatically Detect Current Location

By default, this option is disabled. When this option is enabled, the GPS location automatically updates to the current location when the user loads the Clappia app.

Allow the User to Change Location Manually

By default, this option is enabled, thus allowing the user to edit the GPS location manually. When this option is disabled, it will not allow the user to modify their current location.

Mandatory GPS Information Collection

The app will mandate the user to input the GPS location in order to submit the form when this option is enabled.

Multi-location Geofencing

Clappia allows users to set any number of locations as the designated location. You can specify a list of such places and a radius to define the Geofencing boundary. When this option is enabled, the user can submit the form only if they are present in one of the designated locations.

Use Case 1: Attendance Management System Using Geofencing

Scenario: A manufacturer with plants in 3 different locations observed significant gaps and loopholes in their manual attendance process and sought to automate it by enabling workers to submit their attendance directly from their mobile devices when they are 200 meters or less from the factory.

With Clappia's no-code platform, this problem can be solved by enabling the manufacturer to develop and deploy an app within a few hours.

By using the GPS location block and enabling the geofencing feature, the manufacturer can enter the location coordinates of all three plants as the designated locations and can set the geofencing boundary to 200 meters. Along with this, he/she can also mandate the employee to upload a selfie. Thus, an employee can register his/her attendance only if he/she comes to the plant.

Miicrosoft form - GPS Location
Miicrosoft form - GPS Location

Mobile apps designed on Clappia do not necessarily need an internet connection to work. Almost all industries, especially logistics, can leverage this feature and geofencing to avoid all their last-mile problems by ensuring accurate delivery tracking, even in the most remote places.

Use Case 2: App-Based Field Maintenance And Inspection

Miicrosoft form - GPS Location

Scenario: A construction company wants to improve and automate their field maintenance process as it observed that maintainers delivered field inspection reports via Microsoft Forms without visiting the field.

Being a better alternative to Microsofft Forms, Clappia can easily track the geolocation from where the form was filled and submitted, ensuring that the maintainer visits the field. Clappia also enables the maintainer to develop an app to fill out the field maintenance checklist and upload images, signatures, and other additional remarks, if any.

Miicrosoft form - GPS Location
Google Forms location-based surveys

What's better than having a single app to solve all your problems? With Clappia, everybody can build applications to mitigate location-based bottlenecks and improve productivity.

Use Case 3: Location-Based Customer Engagement

Scenario: A travel company wants to improve its customer engagement strategy by providing live content, the latest deals and essential information to its subscribers based on their geography instead of sending a generic email to everyone.

With Clappia, the travel company may choose whether GPS information is required while filling out the form. This helps them gain insight into where the majority of their users are located. This capability benefits the travel company, especially the marketing departments, in strategizing their upcoming campaigns. By adding the GPS feature to their data collection form, the travel company can send tailored, localized content that might interest their audience rather than sending generic mailers to everyone on the planet.

Miicrosoft form - GPS Location

Miicrosoft form - GPS Location

Clappia allows you to enjoy specialized features without any restrictions. You can now effortlessly embed Google Maps in your form to save time and bring more quality leads to your business.

Final Thoughts

The days of copying and pasting an address from a form into Google Maps are gone. You can quickly incorporate the GPS location feature in your form with Clappia so that you always know where someone submitted their information. Try out Clappia's GPS location block and other data upload blocks to collect data and take action from anywhere.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks offers a range of blocks to input, upload, and process data, along with provisions to add workflows, incorporate analytics, integrate with external APIs, etc.

Start building mobile apps similar to Microsoft Forms but better.


Can Microsoft Forms track location?

Microsoft Forms does not have native support for tracking location. However, with Clappia, you can easily track and share GPS location using the GPS location block. Clappia allows you to detect, track, and share GPS location seamlessly, making location-based data collection and analysis efficient and convenient.

Can Microsoft Forms Enable Geofencing and Attendance Management like Clappia?

Microsoft Forms lacks built-in support for geofencing and attendance management, making it challenging for organizations to automate attendance tracking based on location. However, Clappia offers a no-code platform that simplifies the development of custom mobile apps for attendance management using geofencing. With Clappia, businesses can create intuitive apps that enable employees to register attendance only when they are within a designated location, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in workforce management. Clappia's geolocation features empower organizations to address complex business challenges effectively and optimize operations for enhanced productivity.

Can Microsoft Forms send a confirmation email?

Yes, Microsoft Forms can send confirmation emails upon form submission. Similarly, with Clappia, you can configure confirmation emails to be sent automatically to respondents upon form submission. Clappia provides customizable email templates and advanced email notification settings, enhancing communication with respondents and improving user experience.

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