Workplace Management
Adding users to Workplace

Adding users to Workplace

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This article is helpful only for the workplace admins. 

  • Go to your workplace by entering "" and log in with the mail ID in which you created the workplace.
  • On the left sidebar click on workplace details.

  • You would see workplace details if you have the right permissions
  • Under the Users you will see the users in the workplace and the option to add users to the workplace.

  • To add a single user, click on the Invite User button. A right panel appears where you can add the user via Email ID or Phone Number

  • To add a multiple users, click on the Invite Users in Bulk button. A right panel appears where you can add users by typing their email id's or phone numbers separated by commas.

There are two options:

i. 1-25 users - You can add up to 25 users in bulk.

ii. 1-10k users - You can add up to 10,00 users in bulk via spreadsheet.

  • Once you click on "Add" the email id's typed in "Invite users" box would be sent emails to sign up and join the workplace.
  • The details of users who have signed up or joined the workplace can be seen in the table within the "Workplace section".