Analytics: Doughnut Chart

Analytics: Doughnut Chart

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Go to the Live Dashboard tab and select Doughnut Chart from the analytics menu.

Configure Chart

After selecting pie chart from chart selection panel, you can configure the chart in right panel.

Following are the details of each field in right panel.

Chart title

Title of the chart. This can be empty.


Chart data values can be aggregation of some field/module values or simply a count of submissions. This field is required.

Supported aggregation functions are

  • SUM
  • MAX

COUNT returns no of submissions. Other functions require an operand which can be one of the app fields. For more details refer to the example in the last.


Data is grouped by the values of this field. This can be one of the app fields, status, submission creation time, submission modification time. This field is required. For more details refer to the example in the last.


Configuration for Line chart is same as configuration for Pie chart. Refer to example in pie chart.