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How to add Workflows?

You can add custom workflows to your apps which are basically a series of activities that take place in order to achieve a business outcome.

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Building Workflows

Here are the steps to build Workflows for automation.

Step 1

Select the trigger tab where you want your workflow to run.

Step 2

Click on Start and select your desired Workflow node.

You can add more nodes in series or parallel based on your requirements.

Step 3

Click on the node and configure it on the Right Panel.

Common features of any workflow node:

Step name

Step name refers to the name of the workflow

Variable name

Variable name refers to the unique name attributed to the variable. This is created automatically after you enter the step name and can be edited. It appears on top of the step name.

Parent step

Parent Step is referred to as the First Step from which the workflow starts or initiates.

Enable this step

By default, all the workflow nodes are turned on and the workflow steps will be executed.

A node of the workflow is selected and the workflow step is turned off. This means the selected workflow node and the workflow steps below it will not be executed until it is turned back on.


1.   You can configure each node with custom contents from the values entered in your app in the form of variables.

Example: Mobile Notification Node

2.   Each and every node has different variables to configure. Check the Help Guides below to know how to use them.

Email - Help Guide

Slack - Help Guide

REST API - Help Guide

Mobile Notification - Help Guide

Wait - Help Guide

If - Help Guide

Create Submission - Help Guide

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Repeat(Loop) - Help Guide

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