Integration with Google Sheets

We can connect our Clappia apps to Google Sheets so that all submissions get synced to Google Sheets in real-time. The connected Google Sheets get updated on the following events:

1. New Submissions
2. Submission edits
3. Status change
4. Submission deletes
5. Bulk upload of data

Help video

Here are the steps to connect Clappia apps to Google Sheets.

1. Open the Clappia app in Edit Mode.

2. Go to the Configuration tab (2nd tab)

3. Click on the Google Sheets button.

4. On the right panel, turn on the “Connect to Google Sheets” option. This will take you to Google Account authentication. Sign-in to your Google Account, authorize Clappia to write data to the Google Sheets and you are done.

5. On the Configuration tab, click on Show Google Sheets option to view the connected Sheet. Existing submissions of the app will also get sync’ed to Google Sheets and all submission events after this step will also update the Sheet in real-time.