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Creating Apps

Create Apps Using Excel

Creating apps in Clappia using Excel files is a powerful feature that allows you to convert spreadsheets into fully functional no-code applications. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, from preparing your spreadsheet to launching your app on Clappia.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Spreadsheet

  • Ensure your spreadsheet has well-defined headers at the top of each column. Each header will become a field in your Clappia app.
  • If your spreadsheet is on an online platform like Google Sheets, download it to your local device in a compatible format (usually .xlsx or .xls).
Create Apps Using Excel

Step 2: Access Clappia Dashboard

Log in to your Clappia dashboard and look for the More option in the left panel. From the dropdown, select Create App from Excel.

Create Apps Using Excel

Step 3: Upload Your Spreadsheet

In the panel that appears, click on the upload area to select your spreadsheet file. Choose the file, then click on Upload and Create App.

Create Apps Using Excel
Create Apps Using Excel

Step 4: Customize Your App

The app will be created in your dashboard with the file name as the app name.

Create Apps Using Excel

Clappia automatically converts the headers from your spreadsheet into fields within your new app. For mobile access, download the Clappia app from Play Store or App Store. Once installed, any app you create or have access to will be available for use on your mobile device.

Create Apps Using Excel
Create Apps Using Excel

You can then go to the Design App tab to modify or add to your app.

Create Apps Using Excel
  • Add Fields: Click on Add Field to include additional necessary fields not present in your original spreadsheet.
  • Configure Fields: Each field can be further configured in the right-hand panel. By default, fields are set as single-line text fields, but you can change them as needed, for example, to multi-line text for extensive text entries.

Additionally, If you wish to import existing data from your spreadsheet into Clappia, use the Bulk Upload option under the Submissions tab in your app. This is ideal for transferring extensive data into your app efficiently.

Applicable Data Formats

To get various types of fields in your Clappia app automatically from spreadsheets, the data in the spreadsheets should follow the below criteria:

  • Single-line Text: This field will appear by default for every column, unless its characteristics are changed as below.
  • Multiline Text: Make sure the character count of the data in any spreadsheet cell is more than 100 to automatically turn it into a multi-line text field in Clappia.
  • Dropdowns: Ensure your spreadsheet columns are formatted as dropdowns with distinct options. If a column has five or more options, it will become a dropdown in Clappia.
  • Single Selector: Ensure your spreadsheet columns are formatted as dropdowns with distinct options. The column should have four or fewer options to result in a single selector field.
  • Date Selector: To get a date selector block in Clappia, ensure the date in the spreadsheet is in a standard date format.

Note: Only spreadsheets that have well-defined headers at the top of each column and have corresponding data will be turned into an app. Complex data tables, calculations, etc. will currently not be detected by the system.

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