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Copy sections during submission

Copy sections during submission

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Use this feature to allow users to create multiple copies of a section while making submissions into Clappia Apps. 

Example use case - You have an Invoice Generator app on Clappia and there is a Line Item Details Section in it, which has fields like price, quantity and total price. An Invoice can contain any number of line items. So you want to allow your end users to define multiple copies of the Line Item Details section while they are generating a new Invoice.

  • Sign in to your Clappia account.
  • Open the app in which you want to use this feature.
  • Go to the Edit Mode of the app.
  • Add a Section to contain the basic Invoice Details like Invoice Date, Customer Name, Customer Address. (This section does not need to be repeated).
  • Add another section to contain the Line Item Details. (This section needs to be repeated).
  • Click on the Show advanced options and in that allow section to be copied during submission.
  • Two new input fields will show up
  • Max Number of Copies: You can define how many copies can this section have when a user is making a submission. If you enter 10 in this field, the user will be allowed to add up to 10 copies of this section.
  • Link text to copy this section: The text that you enter here will be visible to the user at the bottom of the section. Clicking on this text will create a copy of the section just below the original section.
  • Click Save and then go to the App Home.
  • You will see two sections in the app. At the bottom of the 2nd section, you'll see a link called Add another Section
  • Clicking on this link will create a copy of the original section.
  • You can create more such copies depending on the max number that you have set above. You can delete a copied section or rename it as well.
  • Click submit and go the View Submissions.
  • The submission will look like this.