Workflows: REST API node

Workflows: REST API node

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This article explains the REST API node that can be configured as part of Workflows. Learn more about using workflows here.

Note: This works only for REST APIs that accept JSON or XML payloads over HTTP POST methods or Query String payloads over HTTP GET methods.

Used For

  1. Sending data from Clappia to external REST-based APIs.
  2. Getting data from external REST-based APIs to fetch more details about the user inputs.

Editing the block

Click on the block and start editing on the panel that appears on the right side.

Step name

This is the name that appears in the Workflow on the left side. If there are multiple REST API nodes in the workflow, set different step names like Rest External Api, Rest Private Api etc.

Server Url

REST API Endpoint of the Server where the data needs to be sent. This can use variables defined in the app.

Method Type

Select one of GET or POST.

Query String

Optional Query String that the API accepts.It can use variables defined in the app. Learn more about using variables in workflows here.

The query String should follow the pattern –
?parameter1=value1&parameter2=value2& . . .


Any additional headers that the API takes. For example, Content-Type, x-api-key etc. This needs to be a valid JSON object.

Note: As of now, this does not support dynamic variable names from the app fields.

Body Type

Select one of JSON or XML. Depending upon this selection, the request and response types will be set.



JSON/XML Payload to the REST API. Can be set only if the Method Type selected above is POST. It can use variables defined in the app. Learn more about using variables in workflows here.

Select fields from the API response

Use this section to pick which attributes from the API response need to be pulled in the workflow.

Help Video: How to use the output of a Rest Api workflow node in other nodes of the same Workflow