Data Input Blocks
Date Selector

Date Selector

This is some text inside of a div block.

This block is used when you have to get a date as input from the end-user.

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Used for

  1. Date of birth
  2. Date of joining/leaving
  3. Today's date
  4. Next contact date
  5. Reminder date

Editing the block

Like any other block, this block can be edited by clicking it and editing it on the right panel.


This is what appears as the name of the input block to the end-user.


This is the text that goes below the input block to help the user entering the date.

Default to the current date

You can set the default value of this date as today's date by ticking this option.

Allow date to be changed by the user

Untick this option if you don't want the user to change the date.


Tick this option if you want the user to compulsorily fill the input block.