Edit Profile

Edit Profile

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This article will help you to edit your Clappia profile.

Step 1

Log in to your Clappia account.

If your profile is not updated, you will get a display on the top of your dashboard saying your profile is incomplete with a link to update the profile. Click on the link.

You can also edit your profile by clicking in the button with your initials on the top right hand side of your dashboard beside the announcement icon. A dropdown with your name, email, edit profile, create workspace, and logout will appear. Click on Edit Profile.

Step 2

In the Edit Profile window, you will get to see that there are two buttons: ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Edit Password’.

Edit Profile: Click on Edit Profile and a right panel for editing will appear.

Step 3

Verify email - Click on verify email to send a link to the registered email ID.

Click on the link received to your email ID

Upon clicking the link your email will be verified.

Step 4

Add & verify phone number - Select your country code and enter your phone number. Click on Send OTP.

Enter the OTP and click on verify.

Step 5

Edit your name - Enter your desired name for your profile and click on save.

Step 6

Edit Password: Click on Edit Password and a right panel for editing will appear.

Enter New Password - Enter your new password.

Confirm New Password - Re-enter the new password and click on save.