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How to set review status on submissions:

How to set review status on submissions:

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  • If you wish to review the submissions of an app or you can say want to set their status, for example, you want to review submissions of an app as Cancelled, Pending or Completed, you can do this using the following steps.
  • Go to the Review/Approval Status values in the Workflow menu
  • Add the review options as per your requirement by clicking the “ + ” sign and save that option by clicking the save symbol.
  • When you are done with adding options click the “Save” option below.
  • For Example- Cancelled, Pending and Completed are the options we want to add
  • Once the options/status are saved for review, now when you go to see any submissions you get a drop-down by clicking submitted written on the top right, where you can select any review option you saved and that status will be saved for that submission.