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Bulk upload data

Bulk upload data

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This article explains how to use the Bulk Upload feature to upload data in bulk as submissions in your Clappia app.

Consider the below app as an example. Notice the fields in the app.

Now go to the submissions tab. Click on the Bulk Upload button available in the tab itself.

A right panel will be displayed where you can download a blank spreadsheet which contains the fields of your Clappia app.

You will get a blank spreadsheet with the App ID as it's name.

Corresponding to your Clappia app, this is how the blank spreadsheet looks like.

Click on Enable Editing to add data in the spreadsheet.

Add the data in the spreadsheet appropriately below the columns.

Note: Do not change the headers.

Make sure to save the .xlsx file after you enter the data in it.

After saving, upload the same spreadsheet back. You can drag-and-drop the file or click and select the file.

Once the file is selected click the on upload button.

Once the upload is complete the status is shown below.

After uploading the data click on the refresh button to see the submissions created in the submissions table.

Here you can see the submissions updated in the app through Bulk Upload.

All the entries will be saved as different submissions with unique submission ids.