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Do you frequently deal with duplicate data and spend a reasonable amount of time removing redundant entries? Do you want your Google Forms to allow you to detect duplicate entries in real time automatically and alert your users? Forms that can detect duplicate entries are essential as they ensure that you only deal with accurate, authentic, and unique data without duplication or repetition.

Google Forms does not allow you to detect duplicate entries automatically. You can use tools and extensions that help you identify duplicate entries. They work only after the user submits the form. In this scenario, the user does not know their entry already exists in the database.

Nevertheless, the good news is that detecting duplicate inputs is now easier than ever with Clappia. You can effortlessly design the app and use the validation block to prevent people from entering an answer that someone else has already submitted in a previous entry. Furthermore, an alert message is displayed to the user in real-time, even before they submit the form. For example, you can notify your customer that the entered phone number or email ID already exists in the database or alert your staff when they input a duplicate product entry in the inventory master.

You don't need to write a single line of code to build apps using Clappia. Furthermore, Clappia solves Google Forms' restrictions by incorporating features such as GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, live camera, image and signature uploading, and so on. These upgraded features enable organizations to replace computers and excel sheets with smartphones to make business decisions automatically and achieve the next level of efficiency.

How to use a validation block to avoid duplication with Clappia?

The first step in creating an app with Clappia is to set up a free account and personalize your workspace. After setting your workspace, you may use drag-and-drop blocks to develop mobile apps.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks provide a variety of data input, upload, and processing blocks, as well as opportunities for adding workflows, analytics, and interacting with other Clappia apps and REST APIs.

Clappia includes the Validation block as part of the Contents Blocks, which you can use to prevent the users from entering duplicate inputs.

Clappia as a Google Forms alternative to setup print template for PDF reports and Dynamic Printing

You can configure the validation block to implement a duplicate checker. Clappia lets you specify which form fields should not have identical values, guaranteeing that the information you receive is genuine and unique.

The main difference is that the Google Form allows you to capture all information, but you must subsequently use additional tools and extensions to erase duplicate entries. On the other hand, Clappia lets you detect duplicate entries in real-time. When the user provides a duplicate input, Clappia delivers the error message to the user even before they submit the form.

To learn more about the validation block, watch this video.

Let us look at an example of how the ability to validate every input might assist an organization in simplifying its operations:

Use Case 1: Avoid Duplicate Product Entry in The Inventory Master

Scenario: A store owner observed multiple entries of the same product in the inventory master and wanted a way to avoid duplicate entries.

You can quickly solve this problem by building an app using Clappia. Create an inventory master app using Clappia to enter each product with the name, ID, quantity, and cost directly into the database. Next, configure the validation block to detect duplicate product ID and name entries. It will ensure that whenever the worker inputs a duplicate entry, the app instantly notifies them about the duplication and prompt them to enable unique information.

Setting up offer letter print template in Clappia as Google forms alternative with PDF reports and Dynamic printing
Using the Clappia app to generate offer letter when the user creates a submission through print template and app variables in the print template.
Google Forms Alternative with Duplicate Checker Google Forms Alternative with Duplicate Checker Google Forms Alternative with Duplicate Checker

Clappia's no-code platform can solve this problem and allow owners to develop and deploy an app in a matter of minutes.

Use Case 2: Avoid Duplicate Registration in an Online Contest

Scenario: An online contest organizer observed that somebody registered multiple times in an online giveaway with a different identity but mentioned the same mobile number and address each time in Google Forms.

You can solve this problem within minutes by building an app using Clappia. You can configure the validation block to detect and reject duplicate entries for the respective fields and alert the user. 

What's better than having a single app to solve all your problems? With Clappia, everybody can build applications with advanced features and make real-time decisions.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of dealing with duplicate data from your users? Avoiding duplicate entries is easy with Clappia. You can use the validation block to prevent duplicate entries from being submitted. You can also modify the validation block and give custom validation rules based on your needs.

With Clappia, you can build smartphone apps in a few minutes. You can incorporate additional workflows, create a live dashboard, generate reports, send automatic emails, and integrate with other apps to stay on top of your business. And that's not all. Apps built with Clappia do not need an internet connection. It allows your business to be equally efficient and transparent even in the most remote location.

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