Alternative to Google Forms with Duplicate Checker

Since Google Forms is freely accessible and widely used, people go to the Google Search Engine and type ‘Google Forms’ when they want to create any sort of form.

Dealing with data duplication when users enter the same information several times is one of the main problems with using Google Forms.

Google Forms is commonly used to build quiz forms, surveys, questionnaires, issue work orders, sales orders, run polls, collect ratings, and more in order to capture information such as name, email, phone number, responses, and comments on products and services, among other things.

How to add a Duplicate Checker in Google Forms?

You cannot check and stop the user from entering the same data more than once in Google Forms, which will result in Duplicate Entries.

Therefore the search for alternatives to Google Forms with Duplicate Checker is inevitable.

Clappia is one of the best Google Forms alternatives where you can easily create advanced form-based apps or online forms similar to Google Forms with Duplicate Checker.

Clappia is a No Code platform immensely resourceful for SMEs and Enterprises with productive and efficient features to build simple to advanced form-based apps and business process apps. Clappia’s in-built Validation feature automatically checks if the user is entering a unique data or the same data and stops the duplication of data.

Using simple drag-and-drop blocks anyone with basic excel skills are able to create form-based apps similar to Google Forms, without coding a single line.

Build a Google Forms alternative with a Duplicate Checker on Clappia


Sign-in to your Clappia dashboard and click on the ‘New App’ on the left side. Type in the name of your form in the ‘App Name’ section and select your desirable icon and color. Clicking on ‘Create App’ takes you to the editing panel of your form.

STEP 2: 

Click on ‘Add a section’ and name it accordingly. Click on the ‘Add Field’. Now simply click on the icons from the data input blocks to your form such as a Single line text for name and Phone Number block to enter the number. Now select the ‘Validation’ block from the data input block menu.

On the right side of the editing select the type of validation as ‘Duplicate’. Select Phone Number in the ‘Select fields’ options. Select Validation Level as Error and write in the Validation Message field as 'This number is already entered'.

This implies that the user cannot enter the same number more than once. You now have a form with the format of a Google Form that has a Duplicate Checker.


Just drag-and-drop the blocks to place them according to your desired sequence. Click on ‘View App’ and your form is ready to use.


Go to ‘Edit App’ on the top right side and click on ‘Distribute’. Click on the ‘Link Sharing’ button below and a panel with a link appears on the right side. Activate the ‘Enable link sharing’ feature to share the form. Below that is the link of the form that we just created using a Validation block.

You can share this link with anyone to access the form and fill it.

Below pictures show how the form looks:


You can click on the ‘Submissions’ option on the top right side and view all the user submissions neatly formatted in a table where the entry of data in the Phone Number block is unique and has no duplicate entries. You can also download this data by just clicking on the download option on the top right side in the form of an Excel Sheet.

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Validation Block and it’s Features:

The main purpose of the Validation block is to check and stop the duplication of data during input by selecting the type of validation to ‘Duplicate’.

The other type of validation is ‘Custom’. This feature can be used in many ways like: Displaying overall ratings.

This can be achieved with the help of Calculations & Logic block. This is one of the examples of Custom type of validation.

Constraint in Features of Google Forms:

Google Forms is a free tool and will get the job done for basic implementation. But there are disadvantages of Google Forms when you compare the features of it’s alternatives, such as:

Google Forms is a great tool but you cannot validate and check for multiple entries of the same data and cannot stop the user from entering it.

Clappia is one of the best Google Forms alternatives with Duplicate checker which has an inbuilt validation block to check and stop the user from creating duplicate entries.

In Clappia, you can create powerful apps like Google Forms which will accelerate the digitization process of your business.

You now have a Google Form with a Duplicate Checker.

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