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Do you frequently switch tabs between Google Forms and Excel to perform manual calculations? Do you want your Google Forms to allow you to write mathematical equations, add logical operators and perform arithmetic operations? Forms with equation and logic development features similar to a calculator are excellent for performing automatic & dynamic arithmetic operations.

Google Forms does not support the calculator feature; nevertheless, the good news is that automatic calculation is now easier than ever with Clappia. Using the Calculations & Logic block, you can write basic to complex-level equations and display the data in real-time to the user filling the form. Apart from writing mathematical equations, you can also add complex logical operations similar to excel formulae. From inspection scores to supply chain forecasting, machine operating time to distance between 2 GPS locations, you can dynamically calculate everything using Clappia. For instance, based on the quantity of the order and the user's shipping preference, you may determine the total cart value.

To create apps with Clappia, you don't need to write a single line of code. Moreover, Clappia also addresses various limitations of Google Forms by including aspects such as GPS location, QR code/Barcode scanner, live tracking, image and signature uploading, etc. These enhanced features allow businesses to replace computers and excel sheets with smartphones to make business decisions automatically and reach the next level of productivity.

How to Integrate Calculator into Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first step in developing an app with Clappia is to sign up for a free account and customize your workspace. After configuring your workspace, you can create mobile apps with drag-and-drop blocks.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks include a variety of blocks for data input, upload, and processing, as well as options for adding workflows, including analytics, integrating with other APIs, and so on.

Clappia includes the Calculations & Logic block as part of the Data Processing Blocks, which you can use to create formulae for live calculations similar to Excel sheets.

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You can enter the formula in the formula box depending on your application. Clappia makes it simple to create formulae, supporting Excel formulas. The main difference is that Clappia will now have a variable name, like in Excel. Clappia allows you to write complex mathematical equations, use arithmetic operators and develop logical expressions.

To learn more about the Calculations & Logic block, watch this video. For an example of how to use these equations, check this Clappia app.

Let us look at an example of how these capabilities might assist an organization in simplifying its operations by using dynamic calculations:

Use Case 1: All-in-One Smartphone App for Supermarkets

Scenario: A retailer wants to replace bulky POS machines, QR scanners, and payment devices with a smartphone app that can scan product barcodes, calculate cart value, accept payments, and generate invoices.

This problem can be solved with Clappia's no-code platform, which allows retailers to develop and deploy an app in a matter of hours. A QR code block can be used to scan the items to be added to the cart, and a calculator block can be used to dynamically compute and display the cart value. This information can then be used to generate invoices and proceed with payments. Furthermore, the app can be improved to manage inventory in parallel, look for the most sold product, identify the most valuable customers, and send deals and festive offers.

Use Case 2: Automated Field Sales Tracker

Scenario: A seller noticed that their sales reps are not loyal and are taking advantage of the situation by lying that the consumer desired a lower price or an additional discount. As a result, the vendor wishes to develop a smartphone app that promotes transparency and eliminates manual processes.

Using Clappia, the seller may quickly create an app that the salesperson must utilize while making a sale. The salesperson can choose the products and quantity. The vendor can set the price of each item and alter the discount rate based on the total cost. The app will require the representative to upload a picture of the products, sign, and obtain the customer's signature.

In this example, the sales rep must enter the product and quantity while selling. The app forces the sales rep to provide a discount if the total cost exceeds 10000 INR. Also, It will dynamically calculate the discount value and the total order value. This enables 100% transparency in the field sales of businesses. This information is further used in automatic invoicing and payment processes. 

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Clappia-built apps can be used without an internet connection. As a result, you may make a sale even in remote regions where there is no internet connection and yet ensure that the representative enters accurate data into the app.

Clappia allows you to build apps without writing a single line of code and incorporate complex mathematical equations and logical expressions similar to excel. This empowers businesses to build apps to solve almost all problems. In Clappia’s Geo-fenced Based Attendance System, complex arithmetic and trigonometric equations are used to compute the distance between two points which is displayed to the worker to notify how far he is from the site. Also, logical conditions are implemented to enforce that the worker can submit his attendance only when he is 200 meters from the site.

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What's better than having a single app to solve all your problems? With Clappia, everybody can build applications with advanced features and use real-time calculations to make decisions.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of doing calculations manually, or do you struggle with math daily at work? It's time to automate your tasks and avoid working on multiple applications to deal with numbers. Clappia's Calculations & Logic block frees you up by automating calculations so you can concentrate on other essential elements of your business. Use Clappia's Calculations & Logic block and other data processing blocks to collect data and take action from anywhere.

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Can Google Forms do calculations?

Google forms does not support the calculator feature; nevertheless, the good news is that automatic calculation is now easier than ever with Clappia.

How to integrate a calculator into mobile forms without coding?

Wondering how to integrate a calculator into mobile forms without coding? Clappia's got you covered!

Our "Calculations & Logic" block lets you build a calculator right into your forms. Just drag and drop the block, then use formulas like you would in Excel.

Want to see how? Check out our guide on adding and configuring the "Calculations & Logic" block for a step-by-step walkthrough!

Does Google Forms support conditional logic?

While Google Forms supports some basic branching logic, it has limitations. For more advanced conditional logic, users can leverage Clappia's No Code platform, which offers a robust Calculations & Logic block, allowing the implementation of complex conditional logic and expressions

Is conditional formatting available in Google Forms?

Google Forms has limited support for conditional formatting. For enhanced conditional formatting capabilities, consider using Clappia's No Code platform. The Calculations & Logic block in Clappia enables users to create dynamic and sophisticated conditional formatting based on various parameters.

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