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Google Forms

Google Forms is always mentioned when online forms or simply forms are mentioned. People of all age groups utilise Google Forms in their daily operations around the world: students use them for assignments, questionnaires, event registrations, and other similar purposes in schools and universities, while businesses use them for surveys, feedback, ratings, and basic data collecting.

Because of the widespread use of Google Forms by most people around the world for a variety of purposes, the need for more features to make Google Forms more advanced has increased.

This has made it inevitable for people to search for Google Forms alternatives, which is a Google Form that contains a bit more advanced features and functionalities.

Some of the prominent searches regarding the Google Forms alternatives include:

One of the best Google Forms alternatives is Clappia

Clappia houses a stack of features which are pre-built drag-and-drop blocks, using which anyone with basic excel skills are able to create Google Form alternatives.

You can submit the data even in offline mode! This is one of the most useful features.

Select the free plan and start creating Google Forms with GPS location, Calculator, Camera and more.

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