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There are many different employee attendance tracking systems available, but Clappia offers a unique and innovative solution. Clappia is a no-code platform that allows businesses to create custom employee attendance apps without writing any code.

This means that businesses of all sizes and industries can use Clappia to create a system that perfectly meets their specific needs.

Benefits of using Clappia to create an employee attendance app

  • No coding required: Clappia is a no-code platform, so you can create an employee attendance app without writing any code. This makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create a system that meets their needs.
  • Customizable: Clappia apps are highly customizable, so you can create a system that perfectly matches your business workflow. You can choose how employees clock in and out, track breaks, and generate reports.
  • Easy to use: Clappia apps are easy for both employees and managers to use. Employees can clock in and out with just a few taps, and managers can easily view attendance data and reports.

How to create an employee attendance app in Clappia

  1. Create a Clappia account: If you don't already have a Clappia account, you can create one for free.
  2. Create a new app: Once you are logged in to Clappia, click on the "New App" button to create a new app.
  3. Design your app: Clappia provides a variety of pre-built blocks that you can use to design your app. You can also add custom fields and logic to meet your specific needs, add workflows to mimic internal processes, and automate reports.
  4. Distribute your app: Once you are happy with your app, you can grant access to your app to the employees.
  5. Start tracking attendance: You can view attendance data and reports in real time from the Clappia dashboard.

Here are some tips for creating an effective employee attendance app in Clappia:

  • Choose the right clocking in and out methods: Clappia supports a variety of clocking in and out methods, including GPS, Geofencing, and QR codes. Choose the methods that are most convenient and secure for your business.
  • Track breaks: Clappia allows you to track breaks. Use features such as the Calculations and logic block to let employees know the break time utilized.
  • Generate reports: Create automated reports to be sent to relevant stakeholders on a timely basis for attendance reports.
  • Notifications and alerts: Send out automated alerts to employees for certain conditions such as whether they are about to exceed breaks.


Clappia is a powerful no-code platform that makes it easy to create an employee attendance app. With Clappia, you can create a system that is perfectly customized to your business needs, and you can start tracking attendance immediately.

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