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Live Tracking and Geofencing to Monitor Field Employees in Real-Time with GPS Location

June 30, 2022

A large number of businesses make use of field employees to run their day to day operations. From customer service to quality control, it is essential for field managers to closely monitor and track the whereabouts of employees in real-time.

While it is easy to find out when an employee is working, it is a little trickier to find out whether they are present at the site or work. There are plenty of reasons why field managers might need to track an employee's location. For example, if you are in the construction or healthcare industry, you may want to know whether your employees are at the job site or clinic and at what point of time they are present there.

Field managers and supervisors have easier ways to track the location of field employees for efficient field operations.

What are the Field Operations carried out by Field Employees?

Field staff have a wide range of responsibilities. It encompasses every process in between, from going to the work site to reporting back with the obtained data, such as:

  • Reporting at the designated location
  • Acquiring the required information
  • Getting necessary approvals
  • Forwarding the same to the supervisor or the field manager

The challenge for the supervisor or the field force manager here is to know whether the employee has actually been to the work location and has gathered genuine information. This is when Live Tracking and Geofencing with GPS Location come in handy.

Live Tracking - Monitor Field Employee Movements in Real-Time

Live Tracking, as the name implies, tracks the movement of field employees as they perform their duties in the field. Before heading out to the job site, the field employee needs to enable location on their smartphones, open the mobile application, and begin tracking. Tracking must be stopped once the work is completed and the employee has returned from the job location.

This helps the supervisors and the managers to monitor the movement of field employees in real-time and see the path traveled by the field employee during the site visit.

GPS Location and Geofencing

Field employees are provided with the GPS location of the site where they have to  conduct their work, by being present physically. Geofencing ensures the field employees are present at the work location.

This is how it works:

Geofencing allows the supervisor or the field manager to set a radius (in meters) around the site or work location, preventing field employees from submitting data if they are not within that radius. By making the field employee ‘geo-fenced’, supervisors and managers ensure that the field employee will be able to submit the data from the site if and only if they are physically present there.

Geofencing ensures that the field employees are truly working in the field and not gathering arbitrary data and submitting just for the sake of finishing the job.

Live Tracking and GPS Location with Geofencing are both the automations in Field Force Operations

What is Field Force Automation?

Automating the field force operations using software solutions or cloud based solutions is known as field force automation.

Live tracking helps the supervisors and the field managers to monitor the path traveled by the field employee during the whole time of the field work in a single dashboard of a mobile application.

With the geofencing feature, field managers and supervisors can also monitor field employees in real-time who are working outdoors at the site through a dashboard of a mobile application.

The mobile application also sends accurate automated reports, including location, to the manager’s dashboard to easily supervise employee’s activities. This is called Field Force Automation. Automation of Field Force Management ensures transparent and efficient operations of the Field Employees.

Automation in Clappia for Field Force Management

Clappia is a No Code platform that allows anyone with basic excel skills in your organization to build powerful business process applications for your field employees, without having to write a single line of code. Field Operations can be efficiently automated just by using simple drag-and-drop blocks and mobile applications can be built for your field employees.

Clappia has a stack of efficient features, including Live Tracking and GPS location with Geofencing, which will help businesses in accelerating the process of automation of their field force operations.


Live Tracking and GPS Location with Geofencing are crucial elements for supervisors or field managers to increase the rate of productivity and have absolute control over field employees by making the field force operations transparent.

This can be accomplished by using No Code platform to automate field force operations. Clappia, your No Code platform, helps in achieving the automation of all the processes of field force operations through a suite of useful features such as Live Tracking and GPS Location with Geofencing.

Since No Code is the future of application development, it is the only sensible option for businesses to adopt No Code as soon as possible and ‘Future-Proof’ field force management of the business.

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