Microsoft Forms Alternative with Live Camera - Clappia

Microsoft Forms Alternative with Live Camera - Clappia

Do you need a solution to capture live photos from your users or customers? Look no further than Clappia. With Clappia, clicking and uploading a live image is very simple.

Clappia, like Microsoft forms, allows you to upload photos, videos, or files in a form directly from your smartphone. Not only that, Clappia takes it a step ahead by incorporating a Camera, Images & Files block that will enable users to click and submit a live picture on the fly. Furthermore, Clappia lets you overcome Microsoft forms' constraints by providing sophisticated capabilities like GPS location, QR Code/Barcode scanner, NFC reader, live tracking, and so forth. This perfect Microsoft forms alternative allows you to make intelligent business decisions and increase overall efficiency.

Whether processing a consignment, doing factory maintenance, or reporting an incident, the ability to access your camera and submitting a live picture can provide more benefits than you might think. It will increase your productivity by decreasing machine downtime; it can track the validity of package delivery and can confirm the attendance of your staff/technician, among other things.

Consider the ease of capturing and uploading a photo to a form. With Clappia, you can add a Camera, Images, and Files block by simply dragging and dropping it to your application while creating it. This block allows you to immediately use your phone camera to click and post a live picture and upload files, images, or videos. The media is quickly added to the form and is ready for submission.

How to Integrate Camera into Mobile Forms with Clappia?

The first and foremost step in creating an app with Clappia is to create a free account. After registering, you may create mobile apps by dragging and dropping blocks. You don't need to write a single line of code to develop apps using Clappia.

Clappia's App Designer Blocks offers a range of blocks to input, upload, and process data, along with provisions to add workflows, incorporate analytics, integrate with external APIs, generate automatic reports, etc.

Clappia provides the Camera, Images & Files block as part of the Data Upload Blocks. You can use it to open the camera to capture a live photo immediately and upload it, or use existing images, videos, or files from your smartphone. For each Camera, Images & Files block, Clappia allows you to upload 10 files. In all, you may upload up to 80000 files per form. The Camera, Images, and Files block includes the following features:

Microsoft Forms Alternative with Live Camera

Upload Images, Videos, or Documents

This option allows you to choose the file type from your smartphone and upload it. You may select from images, videos, documents, or all.

Access the Camera and Upload a Live Image

Sometimes, you may want the user to capture a live image and upload it directly. This feature allows the user to access the smartphone camera immediately to take a picture and submit it.

Superimpose Important Text over Images

The "Image text" option allows you to superimpose text automatically on all photos. It aids in geotagging and time-stamping submitted images. Text, such as Customer Name, Site Name, and so on, may be added using formulae.

Mandatory Data Collection

When you want the user to upload a file mandatorily, you must enable the “required” option. The user will not be able to submit the form without uploading the relevant image, video, or file.

Use Case 1: Enhanced Worker Safety Monitoring

Scenario: A construction company wants to improve its safety by ensuring workers wear the appropriate PPE (hard hats, safety glasses, reflective vests, gloves, etc.) to avoid workplace injuries and illnesses. The main goal is to ensure that the worker has followed all the safety measures and has the tools/equipment required to carry out a particular work order.

Clappia enables you to develop an app that requires workers to take a photo of themselves wearing PPE and the proper tools before beginning their project. You can tailor the app so the worker cannot upload an existing picture from their gallery. Clappia also allows you to automatically superimpose text over live photos, allowing you to insert valuable information such as worker name, work order number, time, etc. which can later be used to analyse a variety of things.

With Clappia, the possibilities are endless. Clappia empowers you to build simple apps that can drastically improve the way you work by enhancing your safety processes by minimizing the associated risks.

Use Case 2: Accurate Last Mile Delivery Service

Scenario: It is very common for delivery partners to fake a delivery for many reasons. A logistics company wants to improve its last-mile delivery service by accurately tracking the parcel. The main goal is to avoid fake delivery attempts and alleviate the problem instead of waiting until the next day to deliver it again.

Quite often, sellers and courier partners need help to verify if their delivery partner attempted the delivery. There are scenarios where the delivery partner arrives at the location but doesn’t deliver the package and scenarios where the delivery partner does not even reach the location. Clappia’s live camera feature can easily detect and solve this problem. With Clappia, you can build simple apps to detect fake delivery attempts, misdelivered packages, or find a missing box marked as delivered.

You may design the app to compel the delivery partner to click and upload a photo for each successful or unsuccessful delivery after arriving at the delivery location. Because Clappia makes it simple to set up a live dashboard to monitor delivery status, you can discover false delivery attempts quickly within minutes and order the delivery partner to deliver again. You may strengthen your app by superimposing geotagging information on the image, which aids in determining the actual place from where the picture was clicked and submitted.

Clappia-based mobile apps do not require an internet connection to work. Almost all businesses, particularly logistics, may benefit from this functionality to prevent any last-mile concerns by providing precise delivery tracking, even in the most remote locations.

Final Thoughts

While Microsoft forms can help enterprises optimize their operations to some level, we at Clappia enable industries to maximize their potential by leveraging the capabilities of our no-code platform.What could be better than having a single app that solves your problems? With Clappia, anybody can create apps to speed up their operations by including additional and essential information through images, videos, or documents.

Introduce 100% transparency and authenticity to your apps by quickly incorporating the live camera feature. Try out Clappia's Camera, Images & Files block and other data upload blocks to gather accurate information and take intelligent actions.Don't wait!  Start developing mobile apps that are more advanced than Microsoft forms.


Does Microsoft Forms allow the use of the camera?

No, Microsoft Forms does not support the direct use of the camera for capturing live photos within forms. However, Clappia offers the Camera, Images & Files block, enabling users to seamlessly capture and upload live photos directly within mobile forms, enhancing data collection capabilities.

Does Microsoft Forms support multiple owners for forms?

No, Microsoft Forms does not currently support multiple owners for forms. In contrast, Clappia offers collaborative app development features, allowing multiple users to work on app creation and management collaboratively, enhancing team productivity and efficiency.

Is there a login feature in Microsoft Forms?

No, Microsoft Forms does not have a built-in login feature. However, Clappia provides authentication and user management capabilities, allowing users to create secure login systems for their apps, ensuring data privacy and access control.

Is there a Microsoft Forms to PDF converter available

Microsoft Forms does not offer native functionality for converting forms to PDF. However, Clappia provides features for generating PDF reports from form responses, allowing users to export form data into PDF format for documentation, analysis, and sharing purposes. You can learn more about on Microsoft Forms Alternative with PDF Reports and Dynamic Printing

Can images be uploaded to Microsoft Forms?

Yes, Microsoft Forms allows users to upload images as part of form responses. Similarly, Clappia offers image upload functionality, empowering users to include multimedia content in forms for enhanced data collection and analysis.

Can Microsoft Forms send notifications?

Yes, Microsoft Forms allows users to set up email notifications for form responses. Similarly, Clappia offers advanced notification features, including email notifications and mobile alerts, keeping users informed about form submissions and updates in real-time.

Can Microsoft Forms be used externally?

Yes, Microsoft Forms can be shared externally with users outside the organization. Similarly, Clappia allows users to share apps externally, enabling collaboration with clients, partners, or stakeholders beyond the organization's boundaries.

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