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Text, HTML, and Embedding

Text, HTML, and Embedding

This article explains the Text, HTML, and Embedding block that can be added to design an app.

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Used For

  1. Adding read-only instruction, help text, formatted text, images, videos, etc. to an app
  2. Embedding any videos or external images
  3. Embedding another Clappia app
  4. Add long questions or paragraphs

Editing the block

Click on the block and start editing on the panel that appears on the right side.


This is what appears as the label for the content added in this block.

Main content

This is the area in which you need to write plain text or HTML for the end-users to consume.

Plain text

You can simply type any text in the box and it will appear as a read-only text to the end-users.


If you know the basics of HTML, you can add rich text or anything that HTML supports by writing HTML in the input box.

If you don't know how to write HTML, we recommend using this awesome service that lets you write anything like a word file and converts it into HTML. Copy the converted HTML and paste it here.

Live App with examples


Supported HTML Tags and attributes

Popular ones -

  • div
  • p
  • b, i, u
  • a - Supported Attributes: class, href, name, target
  • button - Supported Attributes: type, class, data-*
  • img - Supported Attributes: src, width, height
  • iframe - Supported Attributes: src, width, height, frameborder
  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
  • table, th, tr, td, tbody, thead, tfoot - Supported attributes: class, style, width
  • aside
  • header
  • footer
  • nav
  • section
  • hr, br
  • ul, ol, li
  • blockquote
  • pre
  • small
  • span
  • strong

Others -

  • abbr, address, article
  • bdi, bdo
  • caption, cite, code, col, colgroup
  • data, dd, dfn, dl, dt
  • em
  • figcaption, figure
  • hgroup
  • kbd
  • main, mark
  • q
  • rb, rp, rt, rtc, ruby
  • s, samp, sub, sup
  • time
  • var
  • wbr