Configure Analytics

Configure Analytics

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You can configure custom charts for your app based on app submissions.

Components of Analytics builder

Following charts are supported currently.

  1. Bar Graph
  2. Pie Chart
  3. Doughnut Chart
  4. Line Chart
  5. Summary
  6. Data Tables
  7. Maps

Add Chart Button

This is this '+' button you need to click to add a new chart.

Chart Selection Panel

This popup panel opens when add chart button is clicked. Select the desired chart from here.

Configure Chart

Chart can be configured from right panel which appears after selecting a chart in left panel.

View Configured Charts

Click on the Analytics tab to view the configured charts.

Embed Charts in your App

Go to the Analytics tab and click on the more options in the chart. Click on Get Embed Code to copy the embed code.

Add a Text, HTML & Embedding block in your app and click on Source Code option.

Paste the copied chart embed code and click on save.

Go to the App Home tab to view the embedded chart.


  • Charts consider submissions data from Jan 3, 2021 as of now. We will soon provide all data for charts.
  • App users with only the Submitter Access cannot view Analytics. All other app users can view Analytics.