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Creating Apps

App settings

These are the fine-tuning steps in the App creation process. These settings can be found in the tab named Configuration (2nd tab in Edit mode of the App)

App Info

App admins can view and edit the details pertaining to the app. Edit the app name, description, select icon and colour of the icon and click on save.


App reviewers can assign different statuses for submissions created by the end users. Different Statuses can be Accepted, Rejected, On-hold, In Progress, Awaiting Confirmation, Uploaded, Received, Permitted, etc.

Print Settings

App admins can configure a PDF template that will consider the variables from the app and corresponding user submission data. This will generate an automated pdf which can be emailed and printed.

Enter the name of your document and Click on the pencil icon to edit the print format of your document.

Add the body of your document.

Dynamic document printing

Many times we need to print documents with the values that we input in our Apps. Using this feature, we can upload a document template or write it ourselves, pick values from the submissions of our app, merge template and the dynamic values and create a final merged PDF document. DEEP DIVE

Google Sheets/Drive

We can connect our Clappia apps to Google Sheets so that all submissions get synced to Google Sheets and the PDFs to Google Drive in real time.

Learn more on how to connect to Google drive and get your Clappia submission data in your Google Drive itself.

Database Integration

Learn more about Database Integration here.


Other than the individual field validations, we can add validation conditions for the entire submission. This can be useful if we want to put a validation condition which involves multiple app fields.

For example, Check-In date should be the date of the present day and Check-in time should be the present time i.e, while creating a submission.

Multiple such conditions can be defined, each with its own custom error message. While writing the validation conditions, we can use @ to get a drop-down of all the field names that be used in the conditions.

The example below shows a couple of validations on an Attendance app. The validations ensure that while checking in, the user selects the current date for Check-in date and the current time for Check-in time.

Single Validation

Multiple Validations

More examples of custom validation

  • Allow only future dates - {date_field} >= TODAY()

App Publish

App admins can publish the app and keep editing the app on the flip side. Enable to publish the app.

Clone App

App admins can clone a app and import the cloned app to other workplaces. Name your app and select the workplace to which the cloned app has to be imported to. Click on import.

Delete App

App admins can delete the app. Type 'Delete App' in the box and click on delete button.

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