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Content Management Apps

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If you wish to manage your documents or content along with some sorting then you can do it using 'Conditional Display of Section' and the 'Read Only File' options.
For example, if we want to display the documents based on the course selected and the project/chapter selected in that course.
Here are the steps to do so.

  • Drag the drop-down blocks and label them according to your requirement, here 'Select Training' and 'Select Week/Chapter or Project'.
  • Here, we have used the nested drop-down also, so that we have different options in the week/chapter/project drop-down based on the training selected.
  • Add different sections and attach different read-only files i.e. the documents you want to provide.
  • Apply conditions on each section that if that particular course and project/week/chapter is selected then only that section will appear.
  • Suppose for Graphic Design Project 1, if you select the training as "Graphic Design" and then the project as "Project 1" then only this section will appear.
  • The condition applied is AND(select_tra="Graphic Design",select_wee="Project 1")
  • select_tra and select_wee are the unique field names of the 'Select Training' and 'Select Week/Project/Chapter' drop-downs respectively.