WhiteLabeled App

WhiteLabeled App

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You can request a WhiteLabeled Mobile App for your workplace with your Company Logo and other customizations.

Note:  This is a premium feature and is available in all the plans except the Free plan and the Standard Plan.

Edit App

Select the app for which you need white labeling. Go to Edit App.

Go to the Distribute tab and click on the WhiteLabeled App option.

Request a WhiteLabeled Android App

Click on the Download Android App button.

A right panel with the app details will appear. Fill in all the details of your app.

App Name - Enter the name of your app. The same will appear in the Google PlayStore.

App Icon - Upload the icon for your app. The same will appear in the Google PlayStore. The app icon image should be a .png file with a square size of at least 1024×1024 px.|

App Splash Screen - Upload the splash screen image. When users open your app they will see the splash screen image first. This should also be a .png file with a size of at least 2732x2732 px.

Note: This image will get cropped from the sides to generate splash screens for portrait and landscape modes, so ensure that there is sufficient padding on all sides.

App Package Name - This is a unique identifier for your android app on the PlayStore. We usually recommend com.clappia.(your-workplace-name). Or you can keep com.(your-workplace-name).app

Once you submit all these app details, you will get an email with the apk and App Bundle files in 15 to 20 minutes.

Request a WhiteLabeled iOS App

Click on the Request iOS App button.

A pop-up form will appear. Fill in all the details and submit. We will reach out to you.


Q: Will this process automatically host the app on PlayStore and AppStore?

A: No. For Android, this process will generate the .apk and App Bundle Files. You can upload these files on your Google PlayStore Account. For iOS, please contact us with the logo and other details and we will help you with hosting the app in your AppStore account.

Q: Can I test the .apk file before hosting on my PlayStore Account?

A: Yes, you can install the .apk file on your Android phone. You will be able to access all your Clappia Apps inside the app.

Q: I am getting a message, "Subscription does not include WhiteLabeled Apps".

A: The feature to download the .apk files is available only while you are on the 30-days trial or if you have purchased the White Labeled App subscription.